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    Hi there. My site is using Woocommerce and and wp better security. In my Woocommerce settings, I have checked the following:

    Force secure checkout
    Un-force HTTPS when leaving the checkout

    When I enable BWPS, I cannot get to the checkout pages. It just hangs. When I deactivate BWPS, the site works great. What can be done to resolve my issue?

    I want to continue using BWPS. Please let me know, thanks!

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  • I ran into this same issue. Seems that the BWPS plugin and WooCommerce are both trying to enforce the SSL which causes the hang (too many redirects). The fix that I found was to disable the “Force secure checkout” option in WooCommerce and then use BWPS to enforce the SSL. Under Security->SSL (in BWPS settings), the “Enforce Front end SSL” option should be set to “Per Content”. According to the instructions under this option, using the Per Content option “will place a checkbox on the edit page for all posts and pages (near the publish settings) allowing you to turn on SSL for selected pages or posts”. You can then edit all of the WooCommerce pages that need SSL and check that box. Hope this helps.

    Same problem 🙁

    Additionally i noticed one more issue, when i use the ‘Hide’ backend function in BWPS and Woocommerce both then after logging out, the session is redirected to the WordPress logout page (which is of the form rather than taking to the ‘My Account’ Page or any other page.

    Disabling the Hide Backend function of BWPS makes everything work properly.

    Hi solvomentis. I tried your suggestion but still could not get it to work. Also, when I turned off that feature in woocommerce, I see this: “PayPal Pro requires that the Force secure checkout option is enabled; your checkout may not be secure! Please enable SSL and ensure your server has a valid SSL certificate – PayPal Pro will only work in test mode.”

    When I went to the checkout page, it did not force it to go over https just http. Any other suggestions?


    I’m not using the PayPal Pro extension but I would think that as long as SSL is being enforced you shouldn’t have any problems. Have you edited the “Checkout” page to make sure that the SSL is being enforced?

    well I set it up just like your instructions but it couldn’t resolve to https. I did try that yes but still it would not work and there seems to be a conflict.

    I too noticed this issue (checkout hangs when trying to proceed), though it is only present on Safari / FF / IE – it is OK on Chrome.

    After lots of trial and error I found that if you do not ‘Hide the Backend’ in BWPS (now iThemes Security) it allows the checkout to go through normally.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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