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  • ====UPDATE BELOW====
    I am very dissapointed with this plugin and I can only warn: DO NOT INSTALL IT.

    For some reasons my .htaccess file is changed sporadically. The default WP block in this file is either broken or copied a hundred times. And my research brought me to BWPS causing this behavior. In the WP support forum there is a longer discussion thread about it.

    So I moved on to deactivate BWPS. And it caused my installation to bring errors about missing lines. And after refreshing my page, it showed all special characters in a strange way like a missing charset.

    So I tried to reconfigure BWPS. But what should I say? Every tab in this plugin brought the error that permissions are missing.

    BWPS for me is absolutely unuseful. It causes errors, it’s not possible to configure. And after deactivating this, my page shows errors and strange characters.

    I’m not looking for help. I only try to get rid of this plugin.

    The plugin seems to do its job. But it works in another way than expected. And it does strange things when it’s influenced by other plugins.
    This research took me several days of my life. But I would like to correct my first opinion.

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    Why didn’t you try to contact the plugin’s author about this by posting a topic in the plugin’s dedicated sub-forum? A “review” without even attempting to contact support is pretty pointless.

    I’m currently giving this plugin a second chance after discussing with a friend of mine.

    I found out that BWPS could be influenced by another plugin which is deactivated in the meantime.

    I contaced the author and informed him about the status.

    Thank you for the honest update. I am working on a complete rewrite of the code which will be out later this quarter and am now working on it full time which should help minimize the remaining conflicts with other plugins and themes.

    No problem, Chris. I am working on a blogpost. And it is planned to be a bilingual post German / English which should show my research to solve this issue.

    But he, I don’t know if it’s solved. I only know that NOW after removing nearly 50% of my plugins BWPS works as expected and can be configured properly (what wasn’t possible before).

    Cheers! I will inform you when the blogpost is done.

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