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    I am hosting my site through TSO Host and am using the software to manage the site.

    I was under the impression that I could access a series of free themes, as well as consider buying a series of paid-for themes.

    When I click onto the admin page of my site, and click themes, I can only seemingly search through the free themes.

    Can you please advise if I am missing the part where I can access paid-for themes, and if so, where I would find them?


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  • does not host any commercial themes – only free ones. If you wish to use a commercial theme, you would need to browse the various vendor sites.

    Okay thanks – I am a little confused though, as that seems to mean that it’d be easier to have a free site and buy a theme, than it is to actually pay for the site.

    Or am I missing something>?

    You cannot use outside themes on WordPress.COM at all.

    Really? My wife paid for a theme for her site… am I mistaken?

    I know that she added a new (paid-for) theme to her site without having to download it herself, put it that way.

    Also, if I buy a theme from one of these vendor sites, does that mean I will need to download the theme and upload it myself? Is that something to be wary of?

    Thanks for your help!

    There are paid themes available on WordPress.COM (not from outside vendors).

    If you are asking about a WordPress.COM site, you need to be on their forums (not here).

    For info on installing themes on a self-hosted site, see:

    What you should know is that these forums do not support commercial themes, so if you buy one, make sure it’s well supported if that’s something you will likely need.

    Right, thanks.

    Yes, I am enquiring about a site.

    Everything you’ve said helps to make sense of it – thank you.

    Do you have any advice about using commercial themes? Are they often more trouble than they’re worth?

    Do you have any advice about using commercial themes? Are they often more trouble than they’re worth?

    I don’t use them, but from what I’ve seen, it varies very widely. Is there something in particular you are looking for?

    Yes, we’re setting up a retail site – my wife has developed a new brand, where she makes vintage style clothing, accessories and wedding/birthday stationery, for example.

    As orders are improving, we’d like to develop a site that fits with her style, but that also gives people the option of buying single items through the web site.

    If there are particular themes that maybe suitable, and are known to be reliable, I’d value your opinion and/or recommendations!

    Thank you

    In that case, you should probably first figure out which ecommerce plugin you are going to use – there are several, again, support will be an important issue. Then make sure the theme you use is compatible with that plugin and well-supported.

    Okay, thanks.

    And is there any sources of information regarding different types of ecommerce plugins?

    You could look at the Reviews and Support forums for the ones from this site – searching the plugins page to start with –

    Google will likely find you additional info.

    Great, thanks for all of your help.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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