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  • RonS


    I needed a carousel plugin and after having no luck with anything else I tried, this one seemed promising as I read through their product page. So I went ahead and purchased it. Once installed however, I was unable to find any carousel settings. I checked the included documentation, but found nothing their either. So I contacted support and they sent me instructions that I tried to implement numerous times, but with no luck. The slider images just wouldn’t load, regardless of multiple checking of code and image links. I finally gave up and went looking for another plugin, and the one I found worked perfectly with zero help from support.

    So I contacted Sketch Themes and asked for a refund which, to my surprise, they’ve been completely unwilling to provide. Their excuse is that because this is an intangible product, they don’t provide refunds. What kind of legitimate business today doesn’t offer refunds? I’ve purchased dozens of digital products over the years from sellers that offer refunds on their products, so as far as I’m concerned, these guys are not running a legitimate business.

    As someone who’s been building WordPress sites for years, I can’t in good conscience recommend paying for anything from Sketch Themes, who’s business practices seem to be a bit ‘sketchy’.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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