• I Bought this app Feb 6, 2024. It’s is now Feb 21, 2024. This app is a mess and hasn’t fulfilled a single task without issue

    First of all, the main feature I purchased it for “Manually Add Subscriptions”, didn’t work. The option was simply missing from the plug in. I reached out to the support team, and it was no help. Here is what happened.

    • They asked me to contact them again in 3 hours (that was 9pm in my timezone). When I did, the asked me for my account’s WP User Name and password. I told them no, because it has information about my customers, and financials. I offered to screen share my computer, and to send them any error logs. They didn’t take me up on my offer. This was a very common occurrence, they consistently want me to stay up late for tech support, and demand information they shouldn’t be asking for
    • They had me send them the version number of the plug in, and woo commerce. which was fine, but then asked AGAIN for the WP log in information. This time they asked for my FTP credentials as well.
    • I sent them a video screen capture the problem, they couldn’t figure out how to open a video file… Seriously a Tech support team needed help opening a video file.
    • They released an update and asked me to download and install it. I did, and the button appeared. but now anytime I try and add a subscription, it causes critical error on the site.
    • I asked for a refund, and they said that they won’t give it to me because they want to log on to my site

    I paid $100 for an app that hasn’t even don’t a single task properly. its been almost two weeks, and every time I reach out to support its “let us log into your admin area”, or “contact us again another time, we can’t help you now”

    As mentioned above, there are other problems. The wording used within the app is very strange. I often have to read it a few times to understand what it is trying to communicate.

    Integration is very poor also. Things like the “subscribe” buttons will appear randomly on the product page. Ideally it would go where the “buy now” Botton is, but often it will shift to the next line. Sometimes it will change dimensions for no reason.

    Update: they wrote to me and acknowledged this review. They said that their developer said it’s working; then told me to go ahead and install the update. Had they read my past emails to them, or even this review they would know I did and it just caused more problems. I explained that in my response. They just asked me to install the latest update…

    I have also asked for a refund quite a lot because it’s clear this plug in isn’t going to work. They are ignoring it

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    • The timing shared is not feasible to connect as it’s late night for us to check issue for same
    • Only checking via screenshare, it’s really not possible to fix the issue
    • We send new fixed version also, but you did not updated after asking so many times
    • We also offered him to updated the plugin and we will show him video recording while working but did not get agreed
    • Ticket is still open and ready for help

    We still want to help and ticket is open, we are open for any valid possible solution we can

    Hoping for positive response

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