• I have been a loyal customer of CMS Commander for several years now. It was a straightforward backup tool which was about all I needed -until it quite working. I’d get it fixed and then an upgrade or something would happen and it would break -without any warning to me that it was broken. Which is not good with backups! Support, which is on an opposite time zone from the US, is slow to respond and difficult to navigate to find your own answers. The plugin update tool seems to work about 50/50 of the time.
    The worst part is that if you use their service and get an annual license, which auto renews each year -without any notification via email to you- is that they will not refund any part upon cancellation! I asked for a prorated refund and this is what they said, “You are of course free to cancel your subscription at any time but please note that for yearly payments a partial refund of unused time is not a possibility. The point of the yearly payments is to offer you additional savings but at the cost of a longer time commitment.”
    I’ve set my calendar to watch the upgrade this next year so it doesn’t slip by! Until then I’ll have to bite the bullet and put up with sub-par backup services. ManageWP with their $2/per site, per month backups is a MUCH better consistent service and deal!

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