• FYI, I bought their Documentation and FAQ and after about 2 or 3 days realized that it wasn’t very good at all. It was clunky and overall just not a very good user experience. I wrote them and asked for a refund, and while the first line of support was helpful, he could not help with refunds/cancellations. He passed it on to “the department that handles that” and I never heard back. That was 1 1/2 months ago and I have been sending reminder messages every week and even every few days lately! I just read their terms & conditions and once you buy a product, unless you can prove to them something is broken, you CANNOT GET A REFUND. I will stop sending them messages now because shame on me for not knowing that, but they could have at least let me know and saved me 1 1/2 months of follow-ups! Overall the free version is just OK, but I would be VERY sure you want to purchase anything of theirs first, as you will have to be ok with being stuck with it once you do buy it. I for one would not recommend it as it again feels clunky and the UX is poor. Mostly the reason I highly do not recommend it is their terrible service (once you get past the first line). It’s very ironic that “Awesome Support” has terrible support. I usually only write reviews if I LOVE something or if it’s so bad that I need to warn others so they don’t have the same bad experience. This is the latter case, and I hope it saves someone else some time, money, and stress!

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  • Stick with the free one, it’s awesome. Of course, the UI is meant to be customized. It won’t be out of the box for you…

    Sounds similar to my situation for the email replies. We found that it was breaking our system due to them injecting youtube iframe calls into the code (think about that for a bit, just let it marinate). We provided proofs and tidbits of code and requested follow up as to why they were injecting these codes into an email plug-in. Demanded a refund, the response we got back is “we’ll review why this is happening” after I clearly asked for a refund… Didn’t get one word back from them and went forward with disputing the payments and putting blocks on all accounts in regards to the company reactivating canceled subscriptions and trying to charge renewals. Seriously… Beware.

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