• This is a solid plugin, and in some ways superior to the official AMP plugin. So if the base (free) version of the plugin is enough for you, great. However, I have to urge you to avoid the upsell – not because their addons aren’t good (most of the ones I used are), but because right now I don’t think they can be trusted with a credit card number.

    Their site doesn’t allow you to just cancel your subscription – you have to email them about it. Which I did on Dec. 28 last year, explaining that I liked the product but just didn’t need it anymore, since it was for a project I was no longer involved with. Their operations manager, Shaik, said the sub was duly cancelled; I wasn’t entitled to a refund, but the sub wouldn’t auto renew. Fair enough.

    As the renewal date approached in late October, I received emails urging me to renew, which I ignored. Then last month I checked my credit card statement and saw a mysterious charge from some outfit in Hong Kong. Based on the date and amount, it had to be from AMP for WP.

    So I contacted them, and again heard from Shaik, who apologized for the inconvenience and said a refund had been “approved and initiated by the billing department,” and I would be updated when it was completed. I thanked him and thought it was resolved, but that was three weeks ago and there has been no refund and no update.

    I don’t usually take disputes to discussion boards, but at this point I think people need to be informed that there’s a trust issue here.

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  • I asked their support team about the process for a refund a few weeks ago and haven’t heard from them since. I agree with this thread in terms of trust issues.

    I have experienced several problems and contacted tech support. It takes a long time to get a response and when you do, they don’t seem interested in solving your issue, the strategy seems to be to delay support in hopes you either figure it out on your own or just give up.

    I’m increasingly more frustrated.

    Not ideal.

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    Just a belated follow-up to acknowledge that I did receive my refund.

    I too don’t like to publicly voice concerns unless absolutely needed but would just like to chime in that this same exact scenario played out for us as well. We purchased the AmpforWP Gravity forms addon but decided to not use AMP and ultimately not the AmpforWP addon. We canceled the renewal and too were sent various emails asking us to re-sign up confirming it was canceled (as well as it said canceled on the site). Then magically on the date of renewal we were sent a completely blank email and then after we were charged for another year of renewal / our subscription changed back to active. After contacting support, we too were then given a refund that was “approved and initiated by the billing department” but this did not come for over a month. Finally after contacting them again after a month, the refund was pushed through their payment processor.

    I dont want to accuse AmpForWP of financial malfeasance with credit cards since I am no legal expert but seeing this exact scenario above played out for multiple people tells me typically where there is smoke there is fire. Is there anyone higher up at Automattic or the plugin repo who could be brought into the loop on this?

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