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    I’m on the fence about this topic title as it’s intentionally inflammatory, though I did remove your tags. Don’t do that, OK?

    This got my attention.

    Tried to work with Arun to solve the problem he accessed my website

    If the author asked for that in these forums (and I’m going to check) then the author would get a warning not to do that here.

    Edit: That did happen in the past but the author refrains from doing that here anymore.

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    he asked to access my website to fix the issues of the tags not changing in posts as I purchased the upgraded version to do exactly that. I asked him if he got it working no response to any of my emails. After a week of not hearing from him he only responded back when I filed a claim with paypal saying. “Regarding your problem, this is a non-standard WordPress install and not what the plugin was designed for”

    It says directly on the purchase upgrade it will do the following.

    Update image title and alt text for images inserted into posts and custom post types. Not just the media library.
    Fine tune all settings. Choose what to update.
    Update image titles / alt text in media library only. Image titles / alt text in existing posts will be left unchanged.
    Update image titles / alt text in media library and existing posts.
    Update image titles / alt text in existing posts only if no title / alt text is set. All image titles/ alt text in media library will be updated.
    Choose to turn off any of the above mentioned features.

    It does not actually do some of the things it claims. I would just like a refund but he refuses. I don’t know what else to do at this point other than warn other people that it does not do some of the things in details the upgrade version promises.

    Plugin Author Arun Basil Lal


    Adding a note here for the benefit of anyone reading this in the future. The above case was specific to Adrienne’s install and has now been resolved over email.

    Here is a quick demo of how the add-on updates attributes within WordPress posts and custom post types –

    As you can see, the title and alt text attributes were not present when the images were uploaded, but the bulk updater added them.

    Thanks @adriennejeanne for working with me on this 🙂

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