• First, I’ll state up front that we don’t have any special configuration on our server that should prevent this from working, and in fact it worked fine until we decided to purchase a premium option to get email piping functionality, which did not work at all. Even after we contacted support (heads up, they take anywhere from 48 hours to over a week to respond), and set up an admin account in WP for them to take a look, and an FTP account as well, even their support people couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. They then asked for root access to our server. Nope. Sorry. If you think I’m giving root access to my servers to someone who has already demonstrated business worst-practices and acted in what I consider to be in extremely bad faith, you’re insane.

    I then suggested that we should just agree that this doesn’t work for us, and to please refund our money and go our separate ways. They told me they’d have to refer this to ‘Customer Relations’ who never responded. When I followed up, they refused to a refund, and hid behind clauses in their TOS, instead of acting honestly and honorably and simply writing us off as an unhappy customer.

    At the end of the day, the simple fact is that we, a charitable nonprofit, needed a simple and affordable solution for a help desk. This didn’t work for us, and we just wanted our money back so we could move on, and instead got nothing but attitude and excuses from them. If you are an honest company with a good product, you should stand behind your product 100% and if it doesn’t work for someone, don’t take their money. That’s how I was raised, anyway. The minute you start quoting terms of service as an excuse for your lack of support and overall bad behavior, that’s when alarm bells go off.

    This may be the cheapest solution out there, but you get what you pay for.

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    G’day Tom,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you feel this way, however as explained already via the ticket, it is clearly stated in Service Terms that when required, WordPress Admin, FTP, cPanel and any other logins with admin level credentials are required to allow us to rectify the issue.

    In this case the issue required access to FTP and the access you gave was restricted and did not give access to all files to rectify the issue. Once again, it is truly up to you to provide us the access so we can fix the issue. If you refuse the required access, you are refusing us the valid opportunity for us to troubleshoot the concern.

    Once again, we are most certainly here to assist, resolve and fix things but things that depend on your WordPress setup and resources will require us to have access to them and until you provide so we are practically disabled from helping you by your own choice.

    We are honest company and we stand by our product and we are working 100% within the Service Terms which you have agreed to twice during purchase and third time when submitting the ticket but have then refused to comply to hence not giving us access to fix the concern for you. Unfortunately without the access we cannot magically fix what is an issue on your WordPress setup.

    Once again we are here to assist and all you have to do is comply to service terms and provide us the access. The time and energy that has been spent in denying us access needed to help you, could have been saved and issue would have resolved days ago.

    The offer to resolve stands however as much as we understand your frustration due to which you have alleged things that are not true, we stand by our product and services and stand corrected that we have not been given access to provide you the complete support.

    We hope you will think about this and give us the access needed to be able to fix the problem that will not even taken long to work on.

    Kindest Regards

    Quick, simple question: WHY don’t you simply offer a) a trial period for premium services, or b) a refund guarantee for people who are unhappy with, or in our case, cannot use your product?

    I’m fairly certain I know the answer, but would love to hear it from your perspective. Thanks.

    I also ask you to point out things in my review that are “not true.” If you are saying I’m lying, about any of this, that’s a very serious accusation.

    Plugin Support spcrforyou


    a) Offering a trial is not a requirement and our core plugin is absolutely free anyway
    b) There is a refund guarantee of 30 days and is laid out in Service Terms very clearly and is in-line with any other developers refund terms
    C) you implied in your review that we are not honest, do not stand by our product and behaved badly – however we present Service Terms twice before purchase, then each time before ticket submission, and we stand by our product by giving best effort service but if you refuse to provide the access you agreed to at purchase, that is not our lack of effort but your refusal to comply with the terms you agreed to not once or twice but three times and at all times our team has been respectful and willing to help however you have in fact called us thieves in writing in ticket number 64452715 when you actually failed to provide the access required to assist you.
    d) You have been informed that our CIO Office is already looking into this for you so the case is still under review at highest level hence we are still working on your issue while you are stating we are showing bad attitude.

    Standing by our product, seeking access to provide you appropriate services and honoring our service terms is certainly not any negative but continued effort to support. Once again, we are here to assist, but without the access, its simply not possible.

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