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  • The Free version of this plugin is the Best version of this plugin, and for what you get its great! However, I try to support Plugin Authors when I can, if they offer a pro version I try to purchase it.

    I’ll not do that again, Notice everyone who hates this plugin are people who upgraded! You have to dig deep because most reviews are people who use it for free. Do not purchase this plugin unless you are able to do some programming & css for styling. The worst part is after you spend $40 (pretty expensive). There are no refunds! It needs further development to acceptable for the average wordpress user.

    Honestly, if i made such a poor product I wouldn’t offer refunds either. $40 lesson-merchants who believe in their products stand by their product!

    Though it’s somewhat hidden on the website go find the refund policy before you consider purchasing!

    I strongly recommend purchasing from Code Canyon marketplace where reviews are plainly seen and the product is somewhat tested by experts and also you can demo exactly what you are buying.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Sorry things didn’t work out for you Deidre, and glad to hear you found something that works for your needs. For the sake of anyone else reading, I am more than happy to help customers get things set up, but I can do so only if they ask for help (which you didn’t; instead of giving me a chance to help, you posted a negative review).

    But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Check out the following testimonials and feedback from other USP Pro customers:

    As you can see there are plenty of happy users of USP Pro 🙂

    Jeff you are not being honest,

    I did ask for help many times, and Jeff did help many times. I could post our (correspondence here, but there are many) In fact his support was really good. But I never did get the pro-plugin working properly. I grew tired of asking question after question because the plugin is just NOT intuitive.

    And yes I did read those testimonials he is referring to that he added to his site. But if you want real reviews read the reviews here on (that I read too late…)

    I expected that I was going to get something similar to the free version which is plug & play the PRO version is NOT plug and play. If you have a lot of time to devote to a learning curve and you don’t mind asking A LOT of questions Jeff will take the time to respond and answer all your questions. OR just find a different solution and KEEP your $40!

    I want everyone to see that I did in fact email Jeff many times. I would never purposely just buy a plugin and post a negative review. In fact this is the first negative review I have ever left anyone on Here is a screenshot well it only shows a few days that I contacted Jeff. You can see I did try diligently to get this plugin working! It would take a few more screenshots to show all the correspondence.

    [ Email screenshot redacted ]

    Since you would not offer any type of refund Jeff, I feel it’s my duty to stop anyone else from making such an uninformed purchase! I just do not recommend the pro for the average user.

    Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Sorry I thought your real name was “Deidre Smith” not “Deidre Buck”, as shown in the screenshot. When I searched for any emails from you, there were no results for “Deidre Smith”, so I assumed that there had been zero correspondence. My apologies.

    For the sake of others reading, I would like to highlight the following quotes:

    • “Jeff did help many times”
    • “In fact his support was really good.”
    • “Jeff will take the time to respond and answer all your questions.”

    Further, as evidenced by the many emails shown in Deidre’s screenshot, I go above and beyond to provide support for my products. Unfortunately in this case, my tireless attempts at providing support were returned with a negative review.

    Yes Jeff,

    Wow! Now I understand how you got those reviews posted on your site! lol…I am being honest about my review. You didn’t know who I was because you don’t care! The only name you need to concern yourself with is corpor8chic and that is my name on all emails and here on this forum.

    May I ask why you do not offer a refund if someone is not happy with your product? Even after I spent weeks trying to understand your product, it just doesn’t work… (I only wanted to set up a simple post submission form) Because you are only concerned with taking our hard-earned money. Not with developing quality products which what I thought I was investing.

    Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Again, sorry for the mix-up with the names. Will investigate that further later on.

    The truth is that I do care, very much, about my customers. If you read the many emails I sent while trying to help you, that should be perfectly clear.

    Going the no refund route was a business decision I made initially going into plugin development. I am rethinking that decision thanks to feedback from people like you.

    If I have offended you in any way while trying to present my point of view, I apologize sincerely. Thanks for giving the plugin a try, and again, sorry it didn’t work out for you.

    I don’t believe you are sorry Jeff,

    If you were sorry you would have offered me some sort of refund, if not money then some kind of gesture to show that you do care. You have thousands of downloads of this product your free product but I supported by purchasing your pro version at a premium price because I appreciated your work, I think the world just works that way.

    That being said, I am the type of customer that you want, and offering great support is very important we all agree. But it doesn’t mean much if I can’t use your product. If I posted screenshots of the pro version I think a lot of users would be shocked, especially in comparison to the purchases I made to replace your product (well you can test it out on codecanyon). It’s like dark ages in development with a modern day price. Have you compared your pro version to almost any other similar product out there? Most interfaces are Drag and drop and easily executed that is what most wordpress users would expect.

    At the very least I think you need expand your service to perhaps set up the first form for no additional charge. I think you need to customize it to the users specifications and make sure the form works. If you can’t do that then either develop the product to the standards of the forms I mentioned above or offer a money back guarantee should someone find it too difficult to make use of. It’s very simple with wordpress as updates are required constantly to keep up the development your form will become obsolete, if you take away the benefit of updates. Otherwise, consider dropping the price considerably this product is not worth the kind of money you are asking but it has some value I’d say about $15, but no more.

    It just comes down to I don’t want the money, (If I did I wouldn’t have upgraded to pro) I don’t want to need assistance for a basic setup, in fact I would prefer never having to ask for any customer service at all!

    I just want the free version of your product, with the ability to customize the fields. That was all I wanted.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    @corpor8chic This really doesn’t help when you make statements like this.

    Jeff you are not being honest,

    You didn’t know who I was because you don’t care!

    I don’t believe you are sorry Jeff

    It just comes down to I don’t want the money

    I get that you’re upset, I get that you feel you must warn other users. But this really appears to be a misunderstanding and Jeff has shown some real restraint in his replies.

    I’m closing this review down. You’ve made it clear you do not want a refund and you’re warning will remain. I am redacting the email part, that’s just not really cool.

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