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  • I’m using the latest WordPress 2.8.4 and everything works except that
    when I try to add a post, I cannot use the Edit buttons on the side.
    I cannot change the timestamp. When I click the Edit link for the
    timestamp, it doesn’t do anything. Also I can type in tags but when I
    click on the button to add the tags, nothing will happen.

    I can save a draft, publish a post, etc.. most buttons work except
    for the Edit timestamp and add tags buttons. I’ve disabled all of
    the plugins and I have the same problem.

    Could their be something I need to add into the theme that has
    to do with these buttons working? any advice would be appreciated.

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  • A lot of this relies heavily on Javascript. Ensure your browser has javascript enabled AND that you have no add-ons that could be blocking the Javascript on that page.

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    I’m having the exact same problem in Firefox 3.5.4 on Windows 7. They work in IE8, but not in FF or Chrome 4.x.

    It appears to be most of the links/buttons along the right side of the edit screen that don’t function.

    Any ideas?

    FWIW the busted time stamp button is/was caused by HeadSpace2 3.6.32 on WP 3.1 on LAMP with a Mac OSX/Firefox3 setup. I did the ancient ritual of shutting off all plugins then activating them one by one until the time stamp broke again.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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