• I want to place custom buttons under the categories, for example on the sidebar I made category Links, now under this category i want to place image button. how can i do it, thanks

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  • I think you could do this, but.. you’ll have to use each catagories URL, individually..as such:

    Example from my blog:

    So on and so forth.. then, assign an image for each catagory URL, if that’s what you’re doing..? This could be quite a pain in the arse type of job, but.. not really lol! =P

    Example of what I’m talking about, is here on this test site of mine, the top nav bar…

    It’s using individual images, for the top nav bar buttons.. using some javascript and CSS classes and such..

    Of course, you’ll have to make the menu layout, vertical, rather then horizontal. 😉

    Let me know first, how your setup will be like though ok..?


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    ok, now i tell u complete problem. I want to place the google adsense referal buttons on the sidebar, like firefox button, picasa button, etc. and i want to place them under a category such as the category “Get FireFox free” and under this the referal button.

    Please support me step by step, i am a newbie. Thanks very very much

    I gave these to someone on Live Messenger the other night.. One of these here, might help.

    As for telling you step by step, all I really did was.. add the Google Adsense code, directly to my sidebar.php file, but.. it wasn’t pretty. So, I’m not going to dwell on that for you, you might find the above plugin there, more useful. 😉 =)


    Maybe someone else, could point you in a better direction then, I dunno.. I’m not a professional with the Google Adsense crap lol! =P

    i have placed the adsense, now i have to put the buttons, above post didnt help me, plzz someone help me

    EDITED* Is this it? http://www.mhashmi.com/

    Can we have a link to your blog please? This might help a little bit, in determining how things will look, work, css codes and so forth, needed to be able to help ya.

    The Google Adsense codes, either ones.. if you’re using the plain txt ads, *or*, the image based ads.. the codes can be copied from the Google Adsense site, and placed into your sidebar.php file.

    *Then*, you can adjust how the Google Adsense image appears on the sidebar of your blog, using a CSS class or whatever.. in your style.css file.. for your theme.. Please, can we have a URL to your blog?


    Adding these buttons, isn’t really this hard lol. =P I’ll try and help ya, as well as some others..just, maybe having your Blog URL, and so forth, will help too. 😉

    I need to go offline for a little bit, I’ll be back on then. Hopefully, someone else can help ya in the meantime. =)

    the blog url is http://www.mhashmi.com

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