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  • Resolved Kiern


    Yesterday Maxbuttons was working fine, when I tried to create a new button today the URL kept getting modified so that it broke the link.

    I looked in the database and it looks like it is replacing special characters like = and & with % and adding numbers like 26 or 3D after the %.

    The buttons that I created yesterday are still fine, it is just new ones that I try to create.

    Any ideas about what went wrong and how I can fix it.

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  • Plugin Author Bas Schuiling


    Hi Kiern,

    Could you give me some examples or URL’s that are going wrong now? The plugin indeed replaces characters to make URL’s according to the web standards (and to prevent links from breaking ).



    Is getting changed to this:


    The = and & is pretty common in URL’s so I don’t imagine that that is an intentional change, especially since it didn’t do that to the URL’s that I used the day before. The URL’s that worked the day before no longer work if I try to create a new button with them, so something changed. The previously created buttons still work though.

    The only thing that happened in between is that I updated 4 plugins that had updates available, and installed a new plugin: WP Fastest Cache. I have deactivated WP Fastest Cache since the problem started but it hasn’t helped.

    I have deactivated and reactivated Maxbuttons, and I have redownloaded and copied the maxbuttons files back up to the server allowing overwrites.

    Plugin Author Bas Schuiling


    No that’s intentional. These characters are to be encoded according to the specifications of URL’s. It shouldn’t change the function however nor break the link. Does it?

    Yeah, it does break the link.

    The thing is, it didn’t change those signs on the buttons that I created the previous day, which work.

    I went in to phpMyAdmin to compare the buttons that worked with the ones that didn’t. The ones that work have the = and & signs intact, and I can fix the broken links by replacing those signs within phpMyAdmin.

    Something changed. I have no doubt that it was something on my end, but I have no idea what it could be. The only thing that changed were the updates and additional plugin that I mentioned previously.

    Plugin Author Bas Schuiling


    No the plugin changes a few things about the URL processing in the new update, so that’s clearly the issue here.

    The point is that the = & signs and the replaced items represent the same characters ( from a computers point of view ) so the URL’s should still work.

    Could you provide me the full URL’s (including domain and all) who don’t work at the moment, so I can test what’s going on. Or even better maybe give me the link of your website page where the problem is visible.

    Hi Bas

    I am experiencing the exact same problem.Here is an example:
    This link turns into – you will also see an error message.

    We offer online accommodation bookings and there is a new listing that should have been live by now, clients are waiting. Please help urgently, would hate to make another plan.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi support,

    I also have the same problem, since yesterday (after update?). I’m working on my friends website: and suddenly the links on the homepage don’t work anymore and show “%3D” in the link: (changed link), should be and was:

    etc.: for all 3 buttons the same.

    Can you please help: rather urgent! Thanks a lot in advance, Jet

    Plugin Author Bas Schuiling


    Keep an eye for the update. This misery should have been fixed at version 4

    Thanks so much Bas, just updated and it works fine. Refreshing to have active and prompt support. Thank you very much again!

    Plugin Author maxfoundry


    Thanks SJANINE!

    Glad it worked out for you. Please think about giving us a rating. It really makes a big difference in getting the word out about MaxButtons.

    Also, check out the Social Sharing feature we just included in Version 4.






    Awesome! The update worked, and the buttons are now working properly again.

    Thank you. 😀



    Hi again,

    I see a new update of the plugin to version 4.0.1. I must confess I`m hesitant – not sure if this will cause another error like the previous update. Just need some reassurance please, tnx.

    Plugin Author Bas Schuiling


    In the changelog here you can see what’s changed. It was not a big fix, but something that caused problems with certain people. If 4.0 is working, then this will work as well.



    Ok, thanks – here goes!

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