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  • If there is a button to add images to posts, why not a button to add videos? Something like Youtube or Google Video or simply a .mov file. Now you have to disable visual rich editor in order to add the code of Youtube in your post.

    I think *a lot* of people will be very pleasant with this feature. You should take a look at Extreme Video plugin, it works now but you have to disable visual rich editor to add the code [something related to ” conversion to &quote;].

    If the button idea it’s no possible, please implement a checkbox or something to easily switch from visual rich editor to plain editor and viceversa.


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  • There is no known visual/wysiwyg editor that is meant to have code written in it.
    If you have your own code – disable the RTE.

    I know it, I’m requesting a button to simplify the way to include videos not a way to post code inside the wysiwyg. I just want developers to look into this feature. In the [youtube] code works but only for youtube videos. I’m talking about supporting more services like google video or different video file types.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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