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    hi, thanks for this great plugin. I have 2 questions:

    A) How could the link of the “View Cart” be defined, mine is pointing to the homepage. I have a cart page created.

    B) The buttons in the sidecart look like buttons on the pages where I have a shop module, however on other pages, they doint look as butttons. I am using Divi.

    screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y695admzxbdj59p/sidecart.JPG?dl=0

    Many thanks in advance, Mike

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    resolved A) woocommerce setting was missing the page (from deletetion)

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    It depends on your theme styling, you can go to side cart settings -> style -> footer & set button design to “Custom”, then you can set your own colors

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    ok I see, just the effects I would need to rebuild in the custom css so that it looks same as the other buttons. just a bit strange that only some pages don’t work, seems like every page that doesnt have a shop module.

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