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    Hi Richard,

    I am working on a site with two languages. I use the plugin qTranslate. In Cookie Law Settings when I customize the Buttons in the Link Text I insert the qTranslate QuickTags e.g. [:en]English[:de]Deutsch and depending which language version is current it is displayed the correct text.

    The problem now is that when I insert in the Link URL eg. [:en][:de] nothing is saved or stored in this field.

    It seems that this field is different type and it cannot hold the value that I insert or it is happening some kind of check in the value that is inserted into this field and because of illegal characters – at least that is what I think, square brackets – the value is not accepted.

    Could you tell me please what do I have to change in the code so as I could insert these qTranslate QuickTags, because according to which language is current the Link URL would have to be changed accordingly.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Plugin Author Richard


    Hi, I took a quick look at the qtranslate site but didn’t see any info on how it worked or how to get it to work with other plugins. So without studying the plugin’s code I’m not entirely sure how to get it working, sorry.

    As a side point, Cookie Law Info isn’t set up well for multi-lingual sites. It’s something that I’d like to fix in a future version, but I don’t have time to develop it further right now. If another developer would like to help then great 🙂

    Hi Richard,

    Your plugin works with qTranslate because I put into the field Link Text the qTranslate QuickTags e.g. [:en]English[:de]Deutsch and depending on which language version is current it is displayed the correct text.

    The problem was when I inserted in the Link URL eg. [:en][:de] nothing is saved or stored in this field.

    You must have a piece of code somewhere in your plugin that makes some kind of check of what is inside this field or maybe compare it with a valid link address of the site and if it does not fit, it does not accept the input value.

    Nevertheless, if someone has the same problem using qTranslate, below you can find out how I managed to overcome it.

    Inside the folder wp-content/plugins/cookie-law-info/php there is a file which is called shortcodes.php

    Inside that file you will find, down in the end of it, two lines of code which are:

    // If is action not URL then don’t use URL!
    $url = ( $settings[‘button_x_action’] == “CONSTANT_OPEN_URL” ) ? $settings[‘button_x_url’] : “#”;

    After these lines I inserted the lines below:

    if (function_exists(‘qtrans_generateLanguageSelectCode’)) {
    $lang = qtrans_getLanguage();
    if ( $lang==’en’ ) {$url =””;}
    if ( $lang==’de’ ) {$url =””;}

    } else {

    You can change the en and de with the languages that you have. And of course each url with the according url that you have. You can add more languages if you want.

    This method is hardcoded but at least helped me to use two different language versions of the Cookie Info that I wanted to display.

    Thank you very much Richard for your plugin which is very simple and responsive too.

    Just for checking, if you want, visit my site which is still under construction and see on your own that your plugin works multi-lingual.
    www dot redheadillusion dot com / redhead

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi, glad you like the plugin! Thanks for sharing your solution too- hopefully that will help anyone else with the same issue 🙂

    Just a warning- future updates to cookie law info will overwrite this change. I would add the code, but I can’t hardcode your links into a generic plugin of course. Anyway- as long as you know this you’ll be able to make the update as required for your own site.

    Thanks again

    I tested this generic solution (not hardcoded).

    After the lines:

    // If is action not URL then don't use URL!
    $url = ( $settings['button_x_action'] == "CONSTANT_OPEN_URL" ) ? $settings['button_x_url'] : "#";


    if ( function_exists('qtrans_convertURL') ) {
          $url = qtrans_convertURL($url);

    Example: is converted to:

    Good work Carret but this solution I think works only with /en/ /es/ but if I use a variable ?lang=es or ?lang=en ???
    What I have to modify ?

    thanks so much!

    I tested with qtranslate in mode “?lang=xx” and seems it work fine.
    What is your issue?
    Are you using qtranslate Slug too?

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