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    Whatever Page ID I put in the ‘buttonlink’ attribute, the pop-up generated by the plugin goes to a 404 ‘Page Not Found’ error. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author cubecolour


    What are the full audioalbum shortcodes used on the page?

    Full shortcode in the widget looks like this:

    [audioalbum title="A selection of my work" detail="Various tracks..." date="2009-2019"]
    [audiotrack title="Hooked" songwriter="Axel Loughrey" mp3="" buttonlink="5158" buttontext="More info"]
    Plugin Author cubecolour


    It looks like your site isn’t parsing the ?p=5158 part of the URL to direct the link to the correct page. Does resaving the permalinks setting make any difference?

    No, I’m afraid not. Although something quite odd happens when you hit ‘Save’ on the Permalinks settings page – it doesn’t reload the page (as it should), but stops with a blank white page. Nothing breaks, and it does save the Permalinks settings you ask it to – it just doesn’t load back to the Dashboard again, but seems to get stuck halfway through.

    Plugin Author cubecolour


    I suspect that something on the site is preventing the non-pretty permalink from working for pages.

    This issue could be due to another plugin on the site doing something unexpected. I would suggest troubleshooting using the Health Check Plugin

    There was. A plugin called ‘WCS Custom Permalinks Hotfix’; I disabled the plugin, and suddenly the Button Link works!

    The trouble is, disabling that plugin has meant that my homepage pagination is now broken, and I can’t now go back to older posts on the homepage by clicking ‘Previous’ at the bottom.

    Is it really one or the other? Or is there a way to have a working Audio Album Button Link pop-up and be able to se older pages of posts?

    If I set the Permalinks settings to ‘Plain’ then everything works, and I don’t need extra plugins to fix anything… But I don’t like that so much, as I can’t then easily direct people to a specific page like, say, in the same way.

    Is there a way around this?

    Is it possible to just use the actual link in the tag?

    Ie. [audiotrack title="Hooked" songwriter="Axel Loughrey" mp3="" buttonlink="" buttontext="More info"]

    Plugin Author cubecolour


    As the issue is caused by the ‘WCS Custom Permalinks Hotfix’ plugin and the issue is not limited to the audio album plugin but is due to a WordPress feature used by audio album, for help with fixing the issue you will need to request support on the forum for WCS Custom Permalinks Hotfix.

    I have identified the plugin conflicts and I seem to be getting somewhere with this now. Thanks for all your help!

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