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    Hi there, I was wondering how to post a job. After installing and configurating the plugin well, we created a job offer and below there is a button that says PREVIEW, so we press on it, but after previewing there isn´t a button for POSTING the job offer. How can we do this? Thanks in advance!

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    @ibiza69 you should see a submit button after the preview, are you not seeing that?

    Hi, thanks! I found the problem. We installed a free plugin for paid listing and this made unable to see the publish button, instead only left the pay for listing 😉 We unistalled that plugin and now we can see the publish botton at the top of the job offer for publishing it.

    Anyway, we are not sure if unistalling the WP Job Manager (even we have translated all “WELL” in spanish and a few more as it was a bit weird), because as we can see the login is managed thru wordpress LOGIN and… we don´t like that too much.

    And, more one thing that we saw:

    – [job_dashboard] When you press on this page, for login into employers dashboard says you are not registered, so you press on REGISTER and it takes you to LOGIN page at wordpress, but… it´s not a register page. I´m not sure if I´m explaining well (I´m spanish). So if you don´t post a job offer 1st it´s like you can´t register.

    – When you are posting a job, on top says you are logged as XXXX and CLOSE SESSION, but we can´t find the way yo have “there” (behind) an new access to for e.g. “my jobs administration”

    – Or how can user see its profile panel admin, so can see it´s user and pass, etc…?

    Maybe you can share some knowledge. Thanks in advance!

    Sorry to write again:

    We too have this problems:

    If you see here in this image, the company description isn´t justified in the post, it takes only the left side of the page, is there any way for solving this:

    AND, at company dashboard, there is another problem, the job shows an html code instead of shoing just the job title:

    Thanks in advance for any help 😉

    Plugin Author jonryan


    Hi there,

    This is true the login is managed through WP standard login. A few things. You can install Woo commerce and use their My Accounts shortcode which offers a nicer login and registration experience. Additionally, you can setup the plugin to register users when they post for the first time.

    For your text justification issue this is a CSS conflict with your theme you will need to figure out. For the html in the title I’m a little confused on how this is happening did you enter the job name that included html chars?

    Hi thanks! we where testing the woo commerce plugin as you recommended, but can´t have an op for companies and users, just for register one of those accounts… We have seached for an option thru that plugin and thru others for having both accounts options for register as you have at your website, but didn´t find how to manage this…

    About CSS, for the company description, we are really bad at css…

    At title we just imputed the job title, but we shall keep trying to see what could be happening.

    And about: – When you are posting a job, on top says you are logged as XXXX and CLOSE SESSION, but we can´t find the way yo have “there” (behind) an new access to for e.g. “my jobs administration”

    Any idea?

    Thanks for your support 😉

    Plugin Author jonryan


    @ibiza69 if you are still having issues can you start a new post referencing this one. I’m going to close since it’s been two months.

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