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  • mindcore


    On my page [Moderated: Redundant link deleted]
    You can see two buttons under the the title. They used to be centered. They are now on the left and I can no way, no how figure out how to put them back in the center.

    also, in section 3, the same thing has happend to the 3 buttons below the text. I can’t center those either.

    I am a newb to be sure, but I must admit it is frustrating to have everything just as you like it then find out that it’s changed the next time you look.

    Should I start skipping updates?

    Thanks very much for the help.


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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Alan Fuller


    The issue is with the Otter Block plugin ( I assume you are using ) compatibility with 5.7

    And already noted on their support plugin.

    if you read that thread there is also the ‘temporary’ CSS fix.



    1-are the buttons specific to themeisle theme or plugin?
    i see this class: “wp-block-themeisle-blocks-button-group-9a8654ebor plugin?”

    2-you could try adding this css in additional css area ( will likely apply to all buttons)

    .wp-block-buttons {
        justify-content: center;

    3-it might be helpful to start topic in theme specific support

    Thread Starter mindcore


    Damn you’re good Alan,


    Thread Starter mindcore


    Thanks as well Lisa.

    This code fixed it

    .wp-block-themeisle-blocks-button-group.align-center {
    display: block;

    The bottom 3 still look a little wonky to me, but it’s close enough.

    Thanks for the help.

    Alan Fuller


    The bottom three seem to have a right margin custom set

    #wp-block-themeisle-blocks-button-group-cbe8f238 .wp-block-themeisle-blocks-button {
        margin-right: 50px;

    clearing the right margin seems to solve it

    #wp-block-themeisle-blocks-button-group-cbe8f238 .wp-block-themeisle-blocks-button {
        margin-right: 0;
    Thread Starter mindcore


    You’re like Batman…for wordpress.

    I found that slider that said spacing 50 and set it to 0. Perfect.. until something else goes wonky.

    Thank you Alan.



    I don’t use Otter Blocks, but this issue occurs on ALL WordPress 5.7 sites I manage.

    There were some major code revisions to the WP core button block.

    For me, simply opening and saving the pages where the buttons reside has solved the problem (for now anyway).


    I use ocean wp and the problem is the same, in front end.

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