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  • did you modify the css at all?

    I changed the jpg in the header… that is the only thing I touched.

    what confuses me is that there are no dimensions that I see listed in the css

    That’s potentially enough to cause a problem. Your header jpg needs to be the same size/configuration as the one it’s replacing….

    Check the header.php file: if this theme is based on kubrick (the *sigh* “default”), then some of the stuff you may need is inline in the file (which of course is a REALLY BAD IDEA, not that the “designer” gave a rat’s ass….)

    It is based off on Classic WordPress by Dave Shea. I am decent with kubriok design… This one not so much… even when I had the default picture on there the sidebar is still low… I will just remove the image from the top totally to see what happens…

    thank you for all your help so far…

    removed the image it didn’t do anything the sidebar is still on the lower portion…

    Do you replace the header image at exactly the same size as the previous one?

    even with the default header image the sidebar down to the right…

    the css is here…

    it seems rather light to me… the setup is rather basic. But since I am still learning this… I can’t find what is holding it back

    Out of the available templates what one is probably the most solid and easy to work with. I want to be able to put images on top and I want a crisp and clean look… I am not to happy with the way this is going… can I just imput a line of code that I am missing?

    Well, absolutely the easiest theme to do anything with is the one you’re having problems with.

    Have you checked the available themes at Out of 400 some there ought to be one that would come close to what you need.

    I tried three other themes and the same problem was occuring under multiple themes. So at this point is the text articles impacting it?

    First thing: your content is NSFW for some workplaces, and you should have marked it as such.

    Where are you getting the text articles? Are you copy n pasting from a word processor?

    I didn’t write these blogs I am just helping the person set up the page… Sorry about that… I didn’t even think about that when asking for help.

    They are importing the text from the html off of the myspace blogging program. I started going through deleting the posts one by one.. one won’t even delete.

    Oy. I don’t know that there’s an importer for that one…. so try this: copy from myspace, copy TO notepad2 (get it from, free and VANILLA!), then copy n paste into wp.

    Something in the copy n paste system you’re currently using is probably trashing the coding.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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