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    Hi there this is a great plugin with only one major flaw that I have found.
    The inability to post to as Facebook page is as I said a major flaw and it would be greatly appreciated if you could update us on when this will be made possible or if in fact it is not possible, If it is the later unfortunately I will need to look at another alternative, which I don’t want to do as this plugin works so well.

    Thanks in advance


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  • Plugin Author Efficient Scripts


    Sorry for the late response, I’m rather busy these days. Really can’t tell you when the ability to cross post as facebook page will be supported. I know it’s possible through the facebook api but requires more implementation compared to cross posting as yourself to profile wall. Maybe to look at another alternative for the moment.

    Best Regards
    Efficient Scripts

    Thanks for the reply, I have found an alternative as you suggested.

    Thanks again.

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