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  1. Tina
    Posted 4 years ago #

    how is it possible, with all the people wanting something like this (judging by all the posts i'm finding all over the net), that there hasn't yet been made a kick ass business directory plugin with all the standard features that just seem like common sense to go with a plugin like this?

    i have spent entirely too much time scouring the net trying to find just the right plugin, but there's just so much lacking in this specific area right now, it appears!

    every plugin i've found either doesn't have all the features i need (which are mostly pretty basic, i think), or is no longer being developed!

    i've posted this question before and didn't get any responses at all...i'm getting very frustrated here! i think i'm going to have to go with a plugin that only does some of what i want, and jury rig it to do some of the things that i need it to do. this is so silly! this is the sort of thing that a LOT of people would buy in a heartbeat! (including myself) if only someone would make something as rich with features as the non-wordpress business directory options!

    is there anyone out there working on something that just needs the kick in the pants to complete it? :) i can help kick ya! :)


  2. businessdirectoryplugin
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Tina,

    My apologies. I just took over this plugin and am still wrapping my head around the support aspect. If you give me a bit, I will be happy to answer your question on http://businessdirectoryplugin.com/forums. It's just taking a me bit of time to figure it all out.

  3. businessdirectoryplugin
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You should check out version 2.1.3 of Business Directory. Things have changed quite a bit, with more good stuff to come.

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