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  • I think it has a good feel – clean and lots of info possible.
    However, you should get it to validate if you want folks to download it. is my main blog … the theme is on

    my main blog is valid also but i use a lot of tags in the posts wich are not …

    the main topic is the theme not my blog :p

    10x anyway

    so any useful comment ?

    “the theme is valid”

    But the website is not. There are still, 114 errors which should be fixed.

    i dont get it lol where do u get the 114 error , is a blog different than .

    those are 2 different blogs …


    You’re quite right, I didn’t read your post correctly – you did ask for the theme to be tested, not the website …

    As for the comments: have you looked at this in Firefox? It looks quite bizarre with the huge amounts of whitespace and the two vertical gray lines seemingly going down forever … until you get to what looks like a second page or some sort of page break.

    I’m going to assume that you’re actually serious about getting input on your theme and not just trying to get people to view your ads and possibly click on them, because that would be a total misuse of this forum.

    The theme needs a lot of work. You’re right not to release it yet. However, it’s not a bad beginning. There’s some good underlying structure. The rest of this post lists a number of problems that I see, and it’s up to you if you want to put the time into fixing them.

    It’s a very wide, rigid design that won’t fit on some screens. The Google Search box makes use of table-based layout and even has tables nested in tables. The column dividers simply stop at different points in the middle of the page. There’s also not much demonstration of widget integration, and there’s not even the most basic accessibility options covered like ALT attributes for all images.

    Some very constructive criticism there from ptvguy which should be followed up on.

    I would also recommend you remove “web” as a search option – nobody will ever use that feature. You should only allow search of your own site. Read the what the guru of web usability says on this topic for details on why offering a search of the universe is useless.

    Post back once you’ve made some changes.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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