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  • I’m looking to start a WordPress meetup in Burlington, Vermont. I code but would love participation from designers and business owners.

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  • I’d be interested in meeting. I use wordpress for a new venture I am starting but I am looking for some additional guidance/information.

    Hey guys,
    I’m in Burlington and build wordpress sites. Lets get something together.

    I’d also be interested in meeting. I’m a graphic designer, and I build most of my clients’ websites in WordPress. I’m often looking for programming help.
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    Instead of sitting around and talking about how awesome WordPress is, any interest in building out a simple web project over an afternoon?

    Here’s an idea I’ve been mulling…
    I put together the city’s site for the Google Fiber Project over a couple days last year, I’d like to do something similar for Burlington Telecom. <- BT needs a flashy site like this attract businesses and local subscribers to our telecom. Wouldn’t need to be anything special, and the main point would be funneling traffic into BT. In addition, there’s a referral promotion that BT runs, so we could make some money putting this together.

    Open to other ideas too…

    I’m busy as hell at the moment, but could spare 8 hours on to nerd-out with a couple like-minded folks. Always looking for complementary collaborators to ease my workload, this seems like a great way to figure out who’s good at what.

    I’m keeping an eye on this thread, definitely interested in getting together if we can get a few more peeps, or something fun to build.

    Little late to the party, but did you guys ever set anything up? I’m in Rutland County, and would definitely be interested in a centrally located meetup for Vermont WordPress folks.

    Ya im wondering the same thing. I just moved to Burlington and spend a good amount of time with WordPress. I can arrange a conference room at office squared in down town Burlington if people are interested in getting together. Just reply on this thread if you are interested.

    Anyone interested in meeting on 8/23, 6pm at Office Squared for an hour to meet and greet and plan something?

    hi all,
    i’m out of town that week. would love to meet up though. how about a meet up the week after ~ tue the 30th?

    … im out of town then lol. Im around this week thrus/friday as well pretty much all day (my office is at o2)

    this thursday at o2 is the php users group meeting.

    it’s on building web apps with symfony 2. ryan weaver (core committer) will be presenting. more info

    i plan on going, so we could meet up and discuss plans for a wp meet up.

    ya im planning to be there as well, cool, see ya then

    (also its public event if other ppl on the thread are interested)

    I am just returning to town and can’t make it tonight. I would love to hear how the meet up goes and would be interested in a future date.

    Still out on the left coast recovering from WordCamp. Will keep an eye on this thread for a future WP meetup.

    Hello all,

    I posted a message on here and when I checked back, it disappeared for some reason. I’m an illustrator/designer working at home and part-time at a local print shop in Middlebury, VT. I’ve also been researching on whether to use WordPress or a third party application to reconstruct my website from scratch.

    Honestly, I don’t know much of code since I’m used to the WSYISWYG mode, especially that I just acquired Freeway Express 5.5 a few months ago.

    I go to Burlington time to time when I can and used to live up there.



    Howdy Pilgrim, I saw your first message and then it disappeared. Strange… Anyway, fair warning – building a custom website with WordPress is very different than coding HTML pages in a WYSIWYG editor like GoLive or Freeway Express. The good news is there’s a lot of inexpensive hosts where you can get setup quickly and cheaply and experiment with it. But be prepared for a learning curve.

    Hey everyone –

    Just stumbled onto this group. Nice to see there’s a bit of WP in Burlington. I’d also be interested in a meetup. I’m a fairly knowledgeable WP developer/designer – i build most of my sites in WP these days. Always interested in networking, i’m also interested partnering w/ the right graphic designer web-focused, but print work is a plus.

    Pilgrim, maybe we should talk more.


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