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  • The two involved blogs…

    I was getting regularly listed on Technorati and all was well, but I wanted to add tags. So I used Bunny Tags and it activated like a charm. I used it for a bit and then noticed my posts were no longer showing up on Technorati. Both blogs seemed to stop the day I installed Bunny Tags.

    To guarantee how I know this, I installed Bunny Tags on different days for the two blogs and those are the days Technorati stopped listing my posts for those blogs.

    I know it is NOT the server because I have two other blogs on the same box that update like a charm, but never had Bunny Tags installed.

    So I first tried deactivating BT and took out the PHP include, no go. Then I just deleted the whole plug-in from the server, no go.

    I have gone to Technorati and clicked update ping, no go. I triple checked the auto ping update services, no go. I cut and pasted from the working blogs to the bunny ravaged blogs, no go

    Now both blogs are 100% bunny free and Technorati still won’t accept new posts. I have been wrestling with this on and off for a week.

    Any and all help is DEEPLY appreciated.

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