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    I’m reposting this at your request. I did not answer the other one in time. I have combined my previous message with the code you asked for, and explained my questions further at the bottom, regarding viewing settings in the shortcode.

    The original post is located here:

    Hello Feedzy!

    I like your plugin – very easy to use, but I’m having multiple issues.

    I’ve got a page with 3 of the same feed category (only 1 feed in it) with different settings.

    OPTION 1: The 1st feed is completely spaced out, title, several blank lines, date, several blank lines, […], several blank lines, an HR, then next, etc., with no images.

    CODE: <!-- wp:feedzy-rss-feeds/feedzy-block {"feeds":"Auto Trader Classics","status":3,"categories":["auto-trader-classics"]} /-->

    OPTION 2: The 2nd feed is fine but has no excerpt and no image.

    CODE: [feedzy-rss feeds=”auto-trader-classics” max=”999″ feed_title=”yes” refresh=”15_days” sort=”date_desc” error_empty=”Blank Feed.” title=”170″ meta=”yes” summary=”yes” summarylength=”503″ default=”orange.jpg” size=”155″ ]

    OPTION 3: The 3rd feed is the same as the 2nd but with 300px default image as I set up.

    CODE: [feedzy-rss feeds=”auto-trader-classics” max=”1000″ feed_title=”yes” refresh=”15_days” sort=”date_desc” error_empty=”Feed is Empty.” target=”_blank” title=”200″ meta=”yes” summary=”yes” summarylength=”475″ thumb=”yes” default=”orange.jpg” size=”300″ ]

    There are 3 different feeds in the category.
    The 1st feed is pulling photos from the feed. (their images)
    The 2nd feed is not getting images or the placeholder image. (neither image)
    The 3rd feed is perfect with images from their site. (their images)

    Also, each feed’s feeds are together in a group instead of by date.
    So it’s all of feed one, all of feed two, all of feed three at the bottom.
    There are hundreds of feeds on this page.

    CODE: [feedzy-rss feeds=”car-trader-classics” max=”200″ feed_title=”yes” refresh=”12_hours” sort=”date_desc” error_empty=”Dude, where’s my car?” target=”_blank” follow=”no” title=”155″ meta=”yes” summary=”yes” summarylength=”500″ thumb=”yes” default=”green.jpg” ]


    OPTION 1: I’m only seeing one item on this page. Not sure why. It’s been set up for months now. It is showing the default image and looks pretty good, but I want the real image, not same placeholder going down the page.

    CODE: [feedzy-rss feeds=”classic-car-restoration” max=”200″ feed_title=”yes” refresh=”2_hours” sort=”date_desc” error_empty=”Dude, where’s my car?” target=”_blank” follow=”no” title=”155″ meta=”yes” summary=”yes” summarylength=”500″ thumb=”yes” default=”LOGO-TOP-SHARP.jpg” ]

    OPTION 2: Exact same as above, but without default image.

    CODE: [feedzy-rss feeds=”classic-car-restoration” max=”500″ feed_title=”yes” refresh=”15_days” sort=”date_desc” error_empty=”WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?” target=”_blank” title=”170″ meta=”yes” summary=”yes” summarylength=”503″ default=”orange.jpg” size=”134″ template=’style2′ columns=”3″ ]

    OPTION 3: Shows what appears to be a link to the feed I’m following. The, the next paragraph the feed is the same as Option 2 but totally different font sizes and colors. No image.

    CODE: wp:feedzy-rss-feeds/feedzy-block {"feeds":"https://www.google.com/alerts/feeds/myfeedthatIsetup","status":3, "categories":["auto-trader-classics","car-trader-classics"]}

    I need to see all settings in the shortcode, so I can change without having to go into the setup and reset all settings, as sometimes I just want to adjust one little thing at a time, and I have to start from scratch every time without information in the shortcode. For pull image, there is Auto, Yes and No, but none of that shows up in the shortcode, so I can’t just be-bop in there and switch it up. Is there a different way to see each setting in each feed – database maybe?

    What does caching mean? Do the feed items go away after 15 days? Is there a way to stop them from going away, to avoid pages with only one feed? Is there a way to keep all feeds?

    I’d like to keep all feeds and then split between pages by date or whatever when they get too big.

    Thank you so much. Again. 🙂


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    @starlight_design lets take this one by one 🙂

    For page 1,

    1) I cannot see the shortcode for option 1. You have only pasted the Gutenberg block.
    2) The image path needs to resolve. According to your shortcode the image will be available at <your site url>/orange.jpg. If that is not correct, please fix the image path.
    3) Do your feeds have an excerpt? If they do, please paste the feed URL here.



    Hi Ashish!

    Thanks for your fast reply. ok real easy – let me answer these.

    1. There is no shortcode. That is all I could find. I had to go into Classic > Text to find it. It’s not visible anywhere else. Maybe just delete it?

    2. For the purpose of this conversation, let’s just assume I’m using http://mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/default.jpg. I know the path. Honestly, I do not want to see the default image ever – I want the image from the feed articles.

    3. Uh. Let’s see. Must go look. Nope. Nothing on page 1 has an excerpt, but neither does the feed that I’m pulling from.
    The feed URL is http://press.autotrader.com/news-releases?pagetemplate=rss

    It’s in a category. One suggestion here: It would be nice to allow the user to edit the category slug.

    Page 1 is pretty much a total loss, but I still would like to know why it’s not pulling anything. At this point, I’m assuming it’s because the feed URL does not have much to pull. Is that why?

    If so, we can move on to page 2, which is almost a total success, so I’m hoping to get that straightened out and expand from there.

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Support contactashish13


    @starlight_design http://press.autotrader.com/news-releases?pagetemplate=rss has almost nothing to offer except the title. That’s why there is no excerpt or image.

    for page 2

    1) does the 2nd feed have images in it? If you feel it does, please share the URL. (You may want to refer to a standard RSS feed, say from a reputed news site, to understand what tags need to be present.)

    2) all feed items in every feed should have a date. Can you confirm that’s the case? What you are seeing usually happens when even one URL is bad – if you have a huge list of feeds, that’s quite likely to happen.



    For page 1, if it can’t pull the image from the article itself and only goes by the feed, shouldn’t it still pull the default image that I have set up in the shortcode?

    For page 2, apparently there are 4 feeds in this category. The 2nd one does not have images, but the other do, and they show up. No default image shows up. The 4th feed in this category are all dated January 1, 1970, at 12:00 am, which looks like a generic date. When you look at the actual feed itself, there is an image, a title and link and an excerpt – no date. Is this why it sorts by each feed instead of by date of all of them at once? If so, how would I fix this?

    Plugin Support contactashish13


    @starlight_design as mentioned earlier if the path to the image does not resolve it will not show any image. If you feel it is not working as expected, lease share the exact short code you are using with a link to your site where we can see the image.

    For page 2, there is no way to fix what is apparently a problem with the feed not having a date. Remove the feed, or replace it with another one that has a date.



    I will remove the one that is all from 1970 (bummer, it has such great images).
    Let’s see what happens.

    Plugin Support raducan


    Hey @starlight_design,

    Let us know what happened and if the topic can be marked as resolved.

    Plugin Support contactashish13


    Closing this for lack of response.



    Oh my bad. I thought I was waiting for your reply. Let me update this.

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