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  • I’ve been using WP since last November. I’ve got 1.5 installed now and have recently been getting the dreaded “too many connections” problem. My users see the WordPress “Error establishing a database connection” error and I discovered from my host that I get 15 connections to the db at a time. I guess I’m getting a lot of hits (or ‘bots) because this happens for hours at a time, usually in the middle of the day, when people hit my site the most. I’ve talked to my host about upping my limit but they say they can’t do it unless I get a dedicated server, which they don’t offer.

    I have been with my host for half-a-decade and really don’t want to gamble with finding another one–is there anyway to have a flat file alternative for my users? Like maybe a plugin that would make flat file versions of your most popular posts to easy the pressure on the db? I’m also wondering if anyone knows of a good and inexpensive host I might switch to that would have a much higher limit to the number of db connections.

    If anyone has any other possible solutions, I’d love to hear them. I’ve grown very accustommed to WordPress and don’t want to have to switch back to GreyMatter (cringe!).

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Pete, I don’ t know if this will help, but you might take a look:

    WordPress Hack: WP-Cache

    Staticize Reloaded (or WP-Cache in it’s newest offshoot) can cache entire pages to disk.

    I may release my own offshoot, as I took a slightly different approach to the caching mechanism. I just don’t have the time right now! 😉 WP-Cache would do you well.

    Note that the caching mechanism kinda ‘hurts’ dynamic elements on the page without recoding them using a specific format. You’d need to work on that.

    You should also just generally know how many queries you are doing to the database per pageload, and how long they are taking (and the overall page). That knowledge will tell you where you could individually attack the problem.

    The WP-Cache/Staticize approach is certainly a decent one.


    Damn, it pays to check out threads you’ve started months later 😉 Thanks for your help, both of you! I’ll check that out when I have a spare moment!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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