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    Hello! I am creating a new website for a staffing client. He uses Bullhorn for all of the recruiting. Does anyone have experience or advice on how I can integrate the information he inputs into the Bullhorn software into the website?

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  • Are you still looking to do this? The company I work for just developed a plugin that creates 2 custom post types: job-order, and corporate-user as well as a custom taxonomy: bullhorn-categories. Job-order and corporate-user are connected via scribu’s Post2Post plugin. There is a cron script that pulls/creates/updates all job-orders + bullhorn-categories from the Bullhorn API that are set to isOpen=1, and all of the corporate-users that are attached to those open job-orders.

    The other part of the plugin is hook implementations for the Gravity Forms plugin. There is a form created for people to apply to jobs. When people apply for the job a candidate entry is sent to Bullhorn via the Bullhorn API (with a resume file upload). Also, all of the corporate-users that are attached to the applied for job get a copy of the gravity forms email.

    That is essentially the features and workflow that I created.

    Hello yes I am definitely interested. How do I go about findng out more information about this? I’m very new to wordpress / php so pardon my extensive questions I may end up having.

    What Bullhorn features are you looking to use in your site? Also, the plugin I developed was done for another company, and is owned by that company. So I won’t be posting that code. I am looking to create a community version of it though. It may be slow going however, b/c I won’t be reusing anything.

    Basically I just would like to have an RSS feed or something as a widget so I am able to eliminate them having to login to their wordpress site to update each job opening.

    Well that is pretty easy. What are you using for hosting? Can you create cron jobs? Unfortunately, Bullhorn’s API is slow, and will cause the wp schedule event requests to time out. So we’ll have to create a cron script that can be executed for syncing purposes.

    Also, Bullhorn doesn’t have a feed, you will have to pull the list of jobs using SOAP requests.

    I am using GoDaddy for hosting.

    I’m not sure what cron jobs are.

    I’m also not sure what SOAP requests are.

    But I LOVE learning new things… 🙂

    huh, well you may have a very hard time setting this up if you don’t know about crons. Do you have a developer you are working with or is it just you?

    It’s just me, but I went to school for programming and literally can familarize myself with it quite easily.

    also, if you can give me a price quote of what you would charge me to do it / help me through it, then I can try to get approval from my client.

    I am planning on making a community (free) Bullhorn Plugin. Which I will have available for download on github and the wordpress plugins site. However, I haven’t started development on the project yet. If you want it soon (rather than eventually) we can talk pay/donations to accelerate the process. is where i’ll be developing.

    I have a client that I integrated Bullhorn into a custom PHP site for. They are looking to move to WordPress and this plugin would be of great help. I could contribute financially and/or contribute code to help get this plugin built more quickly.
    I haven’t built a WordPress plugin from scratch but have modified some widgets and have at least 7 years of PHP experience.
    Let me know how I can help get this plugin developed.

    I’m in a crunch for work currently (my real job) so development on this has been a little slow. I have more code done, but it hasn’t been pushed to github just yet. What’s your timetable for needing this?

    I work for, the site I previously wrote a BH plugin for was I can’t directly post that code b/c colab owns it. Feel free to call/email us and discuss licensing or buying it from us. Or, if you have time to wait for my schedule to clear up, I’m working on the free one on the weekends.

    I’m quite interested in this as well – I’m currently courting a client interested in a re-brand, a re-design, and having some additional functionality added to their site.

    They already use Bullhorn and I would like to put them into WordPress so a nice efficient integration of the two would be perfection.

    Francis you mentioned feel free to call or email “us” – by “us” do you mean the crew at team CO+LAB?

    Just checking because I’m interested, depending on a few things of course like a. if we land the client b. what you’re asking price might be, and c. what exactly your current plugin actually does to determined how much time it’s going to save us because I imagine we’re going to have to modify it at least a little bit to do what we’re aiming to do…

    Let me know if you can answer any of those questions for me… Thanks.


    If you are on a tight schedule, calling the team @co+LAB for questions about getting into that code cost/licensing/support/tips/pointers. The free version im working on the side is on a mini hiatus until i complete a few paid projects I’m working on.

    Thanks for the update. Once I find out if our project is proceeding I’ll get in touch. I appreciate the reply!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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