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  • I dunno what the deal is guys, I have tried reading the wiki and beaten my head on my desk numerous times. I made myself an new template and all was going ok until I tried to add the archives and menu links. I have tried playing with the CSS files and no matter what I seem to try I cannot get the bullets to dissapear. If a kind soul could please take a look at my source/css and see if they can figure this out I would appreciate it — even if you call me names in your response. I have taken out my own CSS so as not to confuse things, the css that is up is a lame attempt to deal with just the bullets and nothing else so as it is the fonts are off and not really matching much.
    I am reaching the end of my teather here and am getting close to going back to a simple looking deal with no heart and soul … HELP << new page << old generic template.
    I really appreciate any help I get.

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  • add the following to your css:
    ul {

    Ooooh goodness it was that simple — thank you kinda sir. I still had the #menu portion of the declaration in tact think that it was used by WP…

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