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  • Hi, I just installed BPS and so far so good! Had a couple questions though.

    1. First of all are there specific forums for specific plugins or are we just supposed to post in the general plugin form like I’m doing now?

    2. When I first installed the plugin, before creating the .htaccess files, it had a message that said I had some code in my already existing .htaccess file associated with WP Super Cache, even though I had uninstalled it long ago. The message went away after I created the new BPS files and activated them, but just wanted to make sure that wasn’t something important.

    3. I did not already have an .htaccess file in my wp-admin folder. Was I supposed to?

    4. Do we need to create new BPS .htaccess files after every update or does it do that and overwrite the old ones automatically?

    Other than that, everything looks great. I was worried about compatibility issues but so far I don’t see any.

    I owe thanks to the developer as well who spent a lot of time last night on the forums explaining how BPS works and easing my mind about the possibility of breaking my site.

    Thanks again!

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  • 1. I usually go to the plugin’s main page and then click on “See what others are saying…” and create a thread from there, but the general forum is fine too because the tag will be associated with whatever plugin or plugins it is about.

    2. There is a WPSC check to see if that plugin is activated or not activated and whether or not you are using .htaccess code with that plugin. I guess there must have been some WPSC .htaccess code left behind, but it must be gone now. 😉 And nope not important if you are no longer using WPSC.

    3. Most people do not have an existing /wp-admin .htaccess file, but you have one now. 😉 And no a /wp-admin .htaccess file would have been an extra security measure that you would have personally created / added yourself.

    4. I am pretty much done with creating any more new .htaccess code for BPS, but each version has a coding check that looks at the version of the .htaccess file you have and compares it to the newest version and will tell you to create new .htaccess files. If you have any custom .htaccess code you would add that to the Custom Code feature so that when you create new Master .htaccess files with AutoMagic, your custom code is automatically written to your new Master .htaccess files then you would just Activate all BulletProof Modes. The process should only take a couple of minutes per site.

    There have been some plugin issues through the years, but amazingly few and they are all very quickly and easily solved. 😉

    PS I am a blabber mouth so any opportunity i get to blab the better. LOL


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