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    I upgraded .48.8 using the WP update plugin feature and it started, but just keep spinning. I clicked on the dashboard link and the admin screen refreshed and everything looked normal.

    I checked to see if the version on BulletProof Security was the upgraded version and it was .48.8 so I assumed everything was fine.

    I then set up my login security feature and everything worked fine. Logged out and logged back in to see if it logged my login and something strange happened.

    BulletProof Security is no longer listed in the tabs along the left side of the admin screen. I do not have any other problems. I can still get to the settings by going into the Plugins, but there is no link for the login security.

    Any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author AITpro


    This may have been related to a bugfix that we released today for .48.5, but it actually sounds like some other issue/problem. Please install BPS .48.5 to see if this issue/problem is resolved.

    Also try deactivating and reactivating BPS to see what happens.

    NOTE: Are you using any other Login Security plugins/features in other plugins? If so, you would want to choose either to use BPS Login Security or use the other plugin’s Login Security feature. BPS Login Security has On/Off options on the Login Security page.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    I just thought of another possibility. Do you have a standard WordPress installation or is this a Network/Multisite installation of WordPress? If the site is a Network/Multisite installation then ONLY Super Admins are allowed to see the BPS menu links. BPS should ONLY be activated on the Primary site and NOT Network Activated. BPS should only be configured on the Primary Network/Multisite site.

    First, thanks for the quick response.
    Just to clarify my current configuration:
    WP Version: 3.5.1
    No other security plugins
    Single Site, on a Shared hosted server.
    Current Plugins include: 404 Redirection, Akismet, BulletProof, DP Excerpt, Growmap Anti Spam Bot, Jet Pack, Optimize Database after deleting Revisions, Quick Cache, Super RSS Reader & Ultimate TinyMCE. All plugins are current versions.

    So based on your suggestions and questions, here is what shook out.

    1. Upgraded to 48.5 and no change, no side bar tab. Logged out and back in, cleared cache. no change.

    2. Deactivated BulletProof and get this, “Quick Cache” disappeared from the Left side tab.

    3. I reactivated bulletProff and “Quick Cache” came back? I repeated this several times and received the same result.

    4. I deactivated Quick Cache and BulletProof, then just reactivated BulletProof and still no side bar tab for BulletProof.

    I cleared the cache and browser cache each time also. Could this be something with Quick Cache?

    Plugin Author AITpro


    This may actually be an issue that I have seen pop up here and there randomly through the years where something in the DB data is not quite right. Most likely that has to do with wp_options active plugins DB data/info.

    Try doing this first
    1. Do a bulk deactivation of all your plugins by selecting the very top checkbox to select all plugins and then choose deactivate.
    2. Activate plugins one by one in descending order.

    If the problem is still occurring it could be a database corruption problem and doing a DB Repair might fix that.

    I have tested Quick Cache before and did not find any conflicts, but will download and test the latest version to see if there is an issue/problem between the plugins.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Downloaded Quick Cache and this problem is not occurring so it is actually going to an issue with wp_options active plugins DB data or DB corruption/damage. It just so happens that Quick Cache and BPS are doing this on your site, but actually the problem is much deeper. 😉 Hopefully this will be fixed by doing a plugin bulk deactivate.

    Or another plugin that you have installed could be doing this. I have seen that also. Another plugin causes this type of disappearing menu problem for other plugins. 😉

    Ok, this is crazy…lol

    I deactivated all the plugins and reactivated BulletProof first and it showed up in the left side tab. I continued reactivating plugins until I got to the last one, Ultimate TinyMCE. When I activated it, BulletProof disappeared from the left side Tab.

    If I deactivate TinyMCE, BP comes back. Just like with Quick Caches

    I also ran a repair on my database and still have the same problem.

    Oh, I also deleted Quick Cache, prior to your last post.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Like I said the DB damage may be deeper than it appears on the surface and random strange things happen when a DB is corrupted or damaged. I have also tested Ultimate TinyMCE before and there were no issues.

    A DB Repair has a 1 in 10 chance of actually repairing deeper level DB corruption or damage.

    Try this next.
    using phpMyAdmin run this MySQL Query
    SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = ‘active_plugins’;
    when you get the query results edit the DB Table and cut all of the DB data that you see displayed and copy it to a Notepad text doc and save it.
    Next click the Save button in phpMyAdmin – this means that you have removed all data from that table and all of your plugins will be deactivated.
    Activate plugins one by one again.

    Ok, tried that and still have the same problem.

    Unless you have any other ideas, I’ll just deal with it for now. I can check the login security by deactivating the TinyMCE and then reactivate later.

    Thanks for the help.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    I recommend that you make regular backups of your DB just in case the DB problem gets worse. It’s a pretty easy and simple thing to create a new WordPress database and then import your content tables into the new DB. You would ONLY want to import the WordPress content Database Tables below and not any of the other WordPress database tables. Most likely the DB damage is in your wp_options table somewhere.


    If you create a DB backup and only include the tables above in that backup then when you create a new WP database you would just import the backup with these database tables.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Hmm just for the heck of it try switching your Theme temporarily. It’s a long shot, but you never know.

    I tried a few past versions of my database from previous backups and even tried the SQL query you suggested, no luck. I also tried a few different themes. Same thing

    Thanks for all your help on this, but I’m just going to leave it as is for now. Everything else is working fine, I have no errors in my logs and I can still see the login security log for BP, if I deactivate TinyMCE. So I’m fine with that. Maybe it will work it’s self out down the road.

    Thanks a again,

    Plugin Author AITpro


    I just of something else. Clear your Browser Cache and clear any plugin cache that was created by a caching plugin.

    Ok, after a number of different actions, it appears the problem was a change in my php.ini settings around the same time I did the BP upgrade.

    I had changed the zlib.output_compression setting to on. Long story on how I figured this out, but when I changed it to off, everything worked again.

    Bottom line, BP nor any of the plugins caused the problem and I’m back up and running.

    Great plugin and Great support.


    Plugin Author AITpro


    Wow I had no idea that compression would affect your WordPress backend too. I will make a note of that. Thanks for posting this info.

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