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    After installing, activating and attempting to use Settings, I got a blank screen and that’s the last I saw of my WordPress website. Could not login. Received a blank white screen with the word “error” stuck in the top left corner. At the same time, the site appeared to be logged in, but a click of Edit Page quickly produced the blank white error screen again. Needless to say, my site appeared to be in a very vulnerable state.

    I requested help to remove (and on the author’s website) the plugin but all I received was a link back to the generic info available on the plugin details. Glad I didn’t wait to get that. Note: The instructions provided by the plugin author are out of sequence.

    Via FTP, I saved a copy of wp-config.php, removed the plugin from the Plugins folder and reloaded files from the latest version of WordPress 3.5.1 from my computer copy to the appropriate online folders. I did NOT copy WP-Content folder files. Also removed BPS folder. (Even tried to restore the backed up htaccess files to avoid other steps as recommended by BPS to no avail; their troubleshooting assumes you can still login.)

    Everything works again!

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    For anyone else who sees this Thread there is no need to do all of this other stuff that this user did. BPS is very simple to remove. These are the removal steps.

    If you can access your WordPress Dashboard:
    1. Activate Default Mode on the Security Modes page.
    2. Use the Delete wp-admin .htaccess feature on the Security Modes page.
    3. Deactivate and delete BPS on the WP Plugins page.

    Unable to login into your website:
    Use FTP or your Web Host Control Panel File Manager and delete the .htaccess file in your website root folder and the .htaccess file in your wp-admin folder.
    Then delete the BPS plugin.

    Here is the BulletProof Security Forum Link that I sent this user to. I am not sure why this user would think this help information is generic. This help information has been collected over several years and 1,000’s of hours of documenting help information and is very thorough in documenting every common problem with BPS:

    BPS Free Read Me First – General Troubleshooting

    The only way to receive support on your website forum was to create an account. After I created an account, I could not login because the password was not recognized. You supplied a new password and it was also not recognized.

    I received your link via email after I fixed the problem. Why not just provide this support info on your plugin details? It might be helpful for some users. Since it was written in Nov. 2012, I felt it did not address my specific concerns–specifically the blank screen (therefore, I called it generic).

    After reviewing other security plugins today, it appears that the reason that a blank white screen with the word “error” appears is the result of being locked out of the site. Why would I have been locked out during setup?

    If you can answer that question, you might save people a lot of grief.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    BPS does not have/contain an error message that says just “error”. All BPS error messages have a full description of what caused the problem and also contain the solution in the error message. So this error message is coming from somewhere else or something else.

    Do you still have the BPS plugin installed? Are you planning on trying to reinstall it? If so, then I will try and help you figure out what might be causing this problem. So far none of the things you have described are common problems that occur with BPS so obviously there is another factor involved here like a plugin conflict or maybe you just don’t have a compatible Server type. Not really sure with the information you have provided so far.

    In any case let me know if you plan to use BPS again and I will try and assist you further. Thank you.

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    hmm you just reminded me of a problem that had me stumped for days trying to figure out what was causing the exact same problems on another person’s site. Do you have the Better WP Security plugin installed?

    If so, then see this thread:

    Apparently the Better WP Security plugin has a generic error message that says just “error” and also is known to cause the White Screen of Death. Thanks.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    LOL and I just reread your description of the problem. I think you posted in the wrong plugin Forum. 😉 Better WP Security does exactly all of the problems you have described. 😉

    “…”error” appears is the result of being locked out of the site. Why would I have been locked out during setup?”

    The only problem with your answer — I don’t have Better WP Security installed.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Two weeks ago you did because you posted this comment in the Better WP Security plugin forum.

    So my guess is that since all of the problems you are describing are exactly the same problems that occur with Better WP Security then what I assume is happening is that you have not completely removed that plugin from your website. It adds database tables as well as files.

    None of the problems you are describing happen with BPS and all of the problems you are describing are exactly the problems that occur with Better WP Security so it seems very obvious about what is really going on. 😉

    Besides everything you are describing is exactly what I ended up fixing on another person’s website that had Better WP Security installed at one point. I basically had to do a full website backup, delete the old site and database, install a new website and database and then import only the WordPress content database tables back into the new database because I was unable to repair the problems on that site. 😉

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