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    Hi Edward,

    Forgive me if you have already answered this question.
    I didn’t find it in any place.
    Let me give you an early warning,—-“I am a newbie lost in technical world.”
    Therefore my questions may tickle your funny bones, but I would much appreciate an answer.

    I am using your PlugIn and no doubt it is one of the best.
    (I am completely won over with the ease of installation)

    However, recently a few questions surfaced and I would be glad if you answer them.

    1) The WordPress Meta Generator Tag Removal is an excellent feature.
    But if it is activated, then will the search engines be able to
    read my Meta data (keywords, title, description etc.)?

    2) Does this software in any way hamper the crawling or working of
    search engine bots/spiders?

    3) Do you have any system so that I can stop bad bots/spiders from
    crawling my site. Maybe a way to identify them and blocking them
    in future.

    4) Does your software in any way hamper the installation of
    other plugins when installed?

    5) Why do I need to use the Maintenance mode? How to use it.

    In between I guess, if you had a good descriptive user’s manual for the great software, it will increase the popularity immensely.
    (In case I have missed it, can you please give me a link to it?)

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Have a great day.

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  • 1. This silly feature is pending removal as it does not add any real security measures. Fingerprinting can easily be done with many free hacker tools online so at some point this will be removed. No, it will not affect Meta data at all.

    2. No, BPS does not affect SEO in any way, but it does block a few known KS scrapers, miners and scanners.

    3. We do not bother with trying to block bots on a large scale as this is not really an effective security measure against hacking and is more about blocking nuisance spam bots. There are several other plugins that do focus on this.

    4. Nope, but if another plugin is doing something unsafe, using bad coding practices or opening up a vulnerability on your website so that it can get hacked then BPS will block whatever that plugin is trying to do and generate a 403 Forbidden error when that plugin’s coding is used in a query string or other method. Sometimes it is necessary to allow another plugin to do something that BPS finds unsafe. Please see this page for examples of skip/bypass rules >>>

    5. You do not “need” to use Maintenance Mode. You can use it if you want to put your website in Maintenance Mode to work on it. Please click on the Read Me button on the Maintenance Mode page.

    Throughout BPS you will find extensive help info by clicking on the Read Me help buttons. Also extensive help info can be found on the AITpro website.


    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for you time.
    The response was nice and crisp to the point.
    Now I know why the software is so good,
    it is because people behind it are greater.

    Thanks once again for your kind response.
    Have a nice day.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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