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    Would someone be so kind as to assist me?

    The bulleted lists and numbered lists have a smaller font and for the life of me, I’ve looked through the CSS files in every subfolder of the theme and can’t find where to edit the font size so that it’s just normal like the rest of the text.

    Where would that be??

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  • Michael


    Forum Moderator

    without a link to your site, you might rely on the theme’s developer to reply.

    if you post a link to your site (to a post or page with a bulleted list) then others can inspect the code and suggest where and what to change in the styles.

    or try using a browser inspection tool to find out where the lists get formatted.

    My bad. In this case I figured anyone using the theme would know what it looks like. I am not using any bulleted lists at this time exactly because of the issue so I had to open up a test page and add some just to show here.

    Page will only be up shortly but here’s one you can see what I mean.

    Thanks much buddy!



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    actually, the paragraph’s font-size is larger than the rest;

    however, to push the lists to the same size, you can add somthing like this to style.css (or where ever you make edits to the styles): section article li, body.single section article li
      font-size: 16px;


    I’ll try that and get back to ya! Thank you so much!

    I’m back. This is the thing. The styles.css has a bunch of includes (which I totally understand) but I can’t find the original coding that’s affecting my bullets so that I can change it there. I’ve gone into them all…

    @import url(media/css/my/reset.css);
    @import url(media/css/my/template.css);

    @import url(media/css/settings.css);
    @import url(media/css/button.css);
    @import url(media/css/icons.css);

    @import url(media/css/widget.css);
    @import url(media/css/blog.css);
    @import url(media/css/comments.css);
    @import url(media/css/forms.css);
    @import url(media/css/main.css);

    Please forgive me for all the questions. I never use free themes and wouldn’t now except that this is a client site so what he wants, he gets. I know this is probably a quick fix and I appreciate the expertise here in this case.

    Cancel that repeat cry for help. Just figured it out.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    What was the answer?

    Hey Andrew. In my 45 years of experience, I sometimes forget the obvious. Opened up Chrome, inspected the element, took me exactly to the line of code in the CSS file I needed to edit and all is well again.

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