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  • Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    None of the Javascript files are being output in your page, ensure your theme’s header.php and footer.php include the appropriate calls to wp_head() and wp_footer(), the plugin cannot enqueue and output the scripts without them.

    The site is built on WordPress’ standard 2012 theme, and those calls are included in the header.php and footer.php.

    Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    Admittedly, i am then at a loss as to why no scripts are being output to your page, the plugin adheres to WordPress standard practices for loading scripts.

    I can see the stylesheet is output correctly, but there’s a strange absence of any javascripts on your page(very rare to see a site with not even a single javascript file).

    The site is built on WordPress’ standard 2012 theme

    Your theme directory suggests otherwise, or are you saying you built the theme starting with the 2012 theme as a base?

    Can you test another theme, simply to see if it resolves the problem. That will at least tell us if the issue is a theme one, or elsewhere(such as a plugin).

    Krista’s seems to be working now. How was it fixed? I’m having the same problem with a Genesis/Agency theme?

    Our site is using a hand built theme — based on WP’s 2012, but highly customized. We had two problems, one of which was that wp_footer( ) was NOT in fact correctly called–but that didn’t actually fix the issue; the second error was a jquery conflict. We had to change the order of the jquery calls for the theme and then it worked perfectly.

    I frequently use Genesis/Agency and if you have not edited or altered the footer.php file then it’s highly unlikely the wp_footer() problem is what’s happening. I would guess that another plugin on your site is causing a jquery conflict. (My 2 cents.)


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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