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    I just started up a wordpress blog ( ). The service is cool, but the bullet feature doesn’t appear to work. The numbered (ordered) lists work fine but the unordered lists give me >>s instead of round circles.

    Other people have posted questions that sound similar but the responses usually focus on concepts and things like “style.css” that I have absolutely no grasp of. I don’t believe that I have downloaded WordPress and would like to avoid that if possible.


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  • Bullet styles are determined by the theme, and since only allows you to chose from a selection themes but not do any modifications yourself, I think I have to say you’re out of luck.

    Oh, and for hosted blogs you should use the forums. The .org site is for most part for the downloadable, self-hosted version. 🙂

    You must have a blog at
    Try their support forums:

    Edit – duplicated advice – :>)

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    I think you mean this:

    As for the bullet vs. >> thing, that’s wholly dependant on what theme you’re using. The CSS is likely set to produce that effect instead of bullets. This is the case on the default theme. This particular special bullet thing does not work in IE, so with that browser you will see the normal bullet marks.

    Since you’re using a blog instead of your own, you cannot edit the theme, and so you can’t really change this, short of selecting another theme.

    Hmm, alright. I think that changing the theme will work.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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