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  • hi folks

    i am new at using word press ( wp ) so plz bear with me. i have created my 1st wp web page at i am on a mac os leopard, using safari or firefox as my browsers, using goddady as my hosting service, installed wp 3.0 & running it from there. have installed flexibility 2. all updates are current or so i believe.

    the problem i am having is that the bullet points wont act properly. they always stay on the left side of the page, right in the margin, with no indent. the indent feature doesnt work either, with or with out using the bullet points. my web page doesnt look very attractive the way its set up. i also do not get a space at the end of the bullet points & where the new paragraph starts. in edit mode it shows up with a space but on the published site, the space doesnt show. i did fix a problem previously by adding the code to make sure there were spaces between paragraphs but it seems that it doesnt work when i apply the bullet points.

    have read other topics here concerning bullet points but nothing fit my problem.

    i would appreciate any help.

    thxs in advance

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  • Michael


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    your theme does not have any styles to format the list.

    try to add something like this to style.css (the position within the file should not matter):

    .postwrap ul { margin:0; padding:0; margin-left:15px; }
    .postwrap ul li { margin:0; padding:0; padding-left:10px; }

    the margin:0; padding:0; is to remove any browser default values for the list styles.

    hi alchy

    thxs for the info. it seems to have solved part of the problem. i can now indent properly & it show ups on published page. but the problem still occurs when i add bullets & indent. they still stay in the far left margin, on the border of the page. even when i dont indent, bullets stay in margin of left hand col.

    i am new at codes & such but with good instructions ( as that seems to be the norm here ) i can figure things out.

    thxs in advance



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    try to mix padding and margin – for instance also use padding on the ul and margin on the li
    and try list-style-position.

    hi alchy

    i copied & pasted your 1st code in the bottom of the styles.css. like i said before that helped but didnt solve all the problems.

    i dont understand where or how to add the code per your 2nd recommendation.

    .postwrap ul { margin:15px; padding:10px; margin-left:15px; }
    .postwrap ul li { margin:15px; padding:10px; padding-left:10px; }

    the above is what i added in the end but the bullets & indent dont work together. like i said earlier, i am pretty green at coding.

    also dont understand where to add the “list-style-position” or what it does.

    thxs for your patience guy

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