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  • Hi, sorry if these questions have already been resolved elsewhere but I’m having real trouble finding an answer. Also, I should mention that I’m very new to all this, so bear with me!

    I am trying to add an image to a post, and have the following problems:

    1. The image is aligned left, and I have a bullet-point list next to it. For some reason, while the text wraps around the image, the bullet points float over it which just looks downright weird. Is there any way I can get the bullet points to align with the image (as an aside, is there any way to change what the pre-defined bullet points look like? Shape, size etc?)

    2. The space around my image is way too big. If you look at the post you will see that the header of the next section of text is pushed over to the right, and if I move it down a line there’s just a huge white gap. Is there any way to reduce the space around images, either as a bulk action or on an image-by-image basis?

    I am using a child theme of twenty eleven, but I don’t really know how to work this yet, I just added it because I understand it’s meant to be better than editing the actual theme style. Please feel free to tell me if I’m completely wrong!


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  • All of this depends on your CSS. Use Firebug in Firefox, Chrome development tools, or something similar to look at your code in the browser, and then you can determine what CSS you need to edit (in the child theme CSS file) to get the look you want.

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