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  • Good day,

    I have just installed current version.

    I am trying to use Build to smash all my images.

    But it seams to do maybe the most a hand full of images before it stops
    I’ve been trying to do this all day today and last night

    I have a little over 400 images on my blog.

    Is something timing out ? any way to quick fix this

    It works fine if i start it again and gets another 5 or and keep having to repeat the steps
    Leaving it doesn’t seem to do much. I left it over night and it didn’t get very far.

    thanks in advance

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  • Are you getting an error message, or is it just hanging?

    I’ve had this problem as well. Since I am running Varnish, I get a “guru meditation error”.

    hi, vampired you problem is solved easy
    just add port from you web server
    put here “8080” you port.

    I am running varnish on port 80.
    Nginx is running on 8080, but is not exposed to the Internet.

    It works, but only does some, then throws the error. If I keep doing it over and over, it would eventually finish all 2,000 images. (Probably only 25% of them are not smushed yet and some due to size).

    me to, the same conf varnish 80 nginx 8080. i run the script direct on port 8080 nginx and worked.
    one more thing, try on varnish conf “default.vlc”
    increase guru timeout
    the line is:
    .firts_byte_timeout = 300s
    300 = 5 min
    may put 30 min or 2 hours xD.

    That might have done it, I just changed it to 6000s (was not specified in the default.vlc I created) and kicked it off. So far it has been running for about 3 minutes, which is about 1 minute longer than it would run before.

    Thank you!

    Now it goes for about 3-4 minutes, and I get a message from CloudFlare the site is offline. Got to check into that with Cloudflare.

    Thanks again, that looks like it resolved the Varnish timeout.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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