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  • Resolved muttly


    I tried using Bulk and it worked fine until my pc died (unrelated, my power went out). When I tried to run it again, the files that had run are fine but the ones that hadn’t run now give an error “Did not smush due to previous errors”. How can I get around this to get the smushed?

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  • I tried this plugin today and smushing(Bulk Smush) images first time. It gave same error for all images. “Did not smush due to previous errors”. Don’t know whether this will be resolved or not. Never used this plugin before. Anyone haing solution for this?? Thanks

    Same for me karwal.bubble. Haven’t found answers yet.

    Same problem for me

    Same problem for me

    Oooo no! Me too. Bugga, was looking forward to all the goodness…

    Hello there. The plugin is currently being rebuilt.
    Until that is finished I would suggest you use a previous version.
    To do so you can simply go here and download version 1.6.2 until this issue is resolved.


    The problem is caused by line #330:
    $data = FALSE;
    this line should be removed.

    The author apparently forgot to remove his test code, guess we’re all humans right?

    I have found 3 cases of $data = FALSE; in the wp-smushit.php

    Do I delete all 3?

    I have deleted all 3.. it seems to be working… ill soon see if i get scrambeld images. Thanks IngmarVerheij

    Nooooo don’t delete all 3!

    Just delete the one on line 330 😉

    Ah ok.. my web editor only showed those on line 600 odd.. but now shows.. 330. Done. Many thanks…. Will it do damage removing those other lines?

    Ooops my comp is smoking slighly 😉

    By removing the other lines the plugin is unable to determine when it failed, not sure what will happen though 🙂

    PS: You can easily download the code of 1.6.3 here and just remove line 330.

    Many thanks for your help. All the best

    Plugin Author WPMU DEV – Your WordPress Team


    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hey all, pushed a quick fix to remove that debug code. Should fix at least the glaring error for now. We’re still working on a major rewrite though for release soon.

    Thanks for your patience during the transition to the WPMU DEV team!

    I just went back to old version and it works like magic! The link is sbove somewhere.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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