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    Thanks for your work on this! I used the bulk feature last night… I have about 40 images. Process worked well and my google page speed jumped significantly!

    One small issue that I noticed, is that after using the “bulk” process, all of the images in my media library were still listed as “not processed” even though they most definitely had been processed with the bulk feature.

    Thanks again – I am loving this plugin!


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  • Hello there @jgroon,
    Thank you for reporting this issue! Unfortunately though I wasn’t able to reproduce this, could you please provide some more info on your installation? Are you using the latest version of WordPress and this plugin?

    Since my last post I have used the bulk smush it feature on a couple of my other sites and have not been able to duplicate the issue… Not sure what the deal was with the other site, but it seems it was isolated to only that particular site.

    Thanks for following up!

    🙂 Thank you for reporting back, is there anything specific tht makes this site stand out from the others?
    Was it perhaps installed using a automated script like softaculous while the others were manually installed? Anything you can think of might help us determine the cause of this and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

    The only significant difference I can come up with was the site with the issue was running the W3 Total Cache plugin. I did reset the cache and hard refresh the browser, but the images still showed that they had not been processed.

    They would only show that they had been processed after individually clicking on them, but then listed “No Savings”. I assume this was likely because they had actually been processed during the bulk smush it.

    Thanks again for your diligent work on this!

    @jgroon were you using a CDN in W3 Total Cache?

    No CDN — Just some the cache and css minify functionality.



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    Hi @jgroon

    Is anything listed in any error logs? How about disabling and then re-activating WP Smush.it?

    It’s been awhile since I posted this, but I do recall disabling and re-activating. I haven’t had an issue the past couple months. All the uploaded images are processed without an issue.

    I have deleted some plugins, added and updated others… my guess is it was just some gremlins amongst all the plugins…

    Thanks for following up! Its refreshing to have such diligent support!

    Sorry… forgot to mark it resolved…



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    That’s great thank you! 🙂

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