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    Hi, thanks for the plugin!

    I use 4 image sizes on my woo installation, thumbnail, medium, medium_large and large. I first choosed thumbnails alone (selected on custom) and it smushed around 2000 images, then I did the same with medium and smushed those 2000, then I choosed medium_large and I got “All attachments have been smushed. Awesome!”, same when I choosed large as if there were none of those 2 sizes (I can see them in media, file manager and ftp).

    The weird thing is that if I choose any of the 4 sizes alone and update settings (re-checking images too) it gives me a “All attachments have been smushed. Awesome!” but if I choose the 4 sizes all together it gives me that I have 2000 files to smush, then I do it again size by size getting the “All attachments…” result.

    Also I looked for a log or so, in order to check which images had been smushed but couln’t find a way to check that.

    Hope you can help me with this,

    Thank you!

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    Hi @egocefalo,

    I was doing some extensive tests based on your explanation and I could replicate the issue if I keep enabling only one of the thumbnails and rechecking the images.
    I have already created a bug report for our devs to check it out further.

    In the meantime, it seems that it happens only if I kept selecting only one of the thumbnails, if you keep the ones already optimizes selected it should show you that there are new images to be compressed.
    And don’t worry about “double-smushing”, plugin will skip thumbnails that are already optimized and will optimize only the new thumbnails selected.


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    Hi Predrag,

    Thanks a lot for your help. I’ll keep selecting all four sizes then.

    Best regards

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