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    I followed your exact instructions to rename multiple files using the bulk rename feature of Media Rename and when I click “Apply” in the Media Library, the “New Filename” field reverts to its regular state; in other words, the new filename is simply ignored. The only way to rename a file is by individually doing so in the Edit file section, which defeats the purpose of being able to do it with a large number of pictures.

    Any advice?

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    When you click “Apply” do you see a loader next to each “New Filename” box? If not, probably the JavaScript crashes. Please check in a console if when you click the button, you get any error messages, and let me know.

    OK, I found how to solve my original problem and then ran into a different problem. Let me tell you how I solved the first problem to help other users that may encounter it.

    In my media library, there are two Apply buttons next to different dropdown menus. Even though both of these menus contain the “Rename” option for your plugin, they have some other options that differ. In order for the bulk option process to work, I need to choose “Rename” in each of the two dropdown menus and then press the “Apply” button in one of them. Otherwise, the loaded won’t appear next to each “New Filename.”

    Now, here’s the new problem…

    Even though the bulk process changes all of the filenames of the images I am trying to rename, only some of the links to these images are updated in the posts that contain these images. For example, if I do a bulk rename for image1, image2, image3 and image4 and all of these images are included in a post, maybe only 1 or 2 of the links to the images will be updated. The rest of the images links on the post remain pointing to their older filename. Why is this? Any ideas how I can fix this?

    Otherwise, I have to go to the posts that contain the images and edit each link that didn’t update manually, which defeats the purpose of the plugin.

    By the way, I just made a donation to your plugin via PayPal.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author ShadowsDweller


    Thanks for your donation!

    The problems you describe are really weird.

    1) There are 2 select boxes for bulk actions, respectively at the top and the bottom of the medias table, right? I just saw a bug in my code, which should cause the “Rename” option to be added only to the top select box, so I have no idea why you have it in both boxes.

    2) Seems like a bug too. Needs more testing.

    The best way to fix all of those, is to be able to replicate the problems on my side. I have contacted you on your email.

    Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, there are 2 boxes at the top and bottom of the media table, but there’s also an extra one on the top, right under the dashboard menu; so 2 in total on the top. The two on the top have the “Rename” option on the list, but the one all the way at the bottom of the table doesn’t.

    I wish there was a way for me to post an image here. I already emailed you an image of how the two boxes on the top look.

    I will now take a screenshot of the html code of a post showing the filenames of different images prior to the bulk renaming. I will also make a screenshot of how the filenames change on the media table and a third screenshot of the html code of the post after the conversion, so you see how many of the image filenames don’t transfer to the post.

    So I would say that the biggest problem right now is that not that there are two buttons, but that not all image filenames on the post are changing.

    OK, I just sent you 5 images that portray what happens in the bulk renaming process.

    Wow, thank you for updating the Media Rename plugin. Now it works excellently with our WordPress version 3.5 new photography site. Thank you for taking the time to perfect this plugin. Three thumbs up!!! 🙂

    No luck for me. It works editing each image one by one but no bulk options work. It tells me it worked but nothing changes.

    WP 3.5.1

    Current plugin.

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