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  • Is there any plugin for wordpress that allows me to see posts in a different view Preferably in database tables.

    I have a product for each post so there will be more than a hundred of them. Unfortunately as you can imagine, it will be hard to manage quickly and efficiently because of the wordpress GUI. I will have to open each post individually and then update, leave then go to the next :(.

    I would like to change multiple posts at the same time. So a user friendly plugin that allows me to see a table that shows one post per row, with the field values ( including custom fields) displayed for each column is what I would like.

    If there isnt an easy plugin for this, can you point me towards a useful tutorial?


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  • GullyJimson


    I know that this thread is three months old and that no one has yet replied but I am shamelessly resurrecting it as I would like to ask the same question and it seems silly to start a new thread on the same subject.

    I too would like to edit custom field contents without having to edit each individual gallery item, save, find the next one, edit, save ad nauseum.

    I have many hundreds to edit and a more direct route to the database would be good.

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