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  • kodo65



    I’m thinking about using WP to host a large number of text-based items. The text stems from a number of sources and I use an ELT-tool to “normalize” them in order to be able to load them in an identical manner. Now, given the fact that one of the sources cotains roughly 80 000+ items I realize that I might be pushing the limits of WP and that it might not be “up to the task”.

    However, given the fact the it uses MySQL there are no practical limitations as MySQL easily handles orders of magnitudes more data than that, but, from what I’ve seen there’s no tool which seems to be up to the task of being able to upload large batches of posts. There are CSV-importers etc but I think the amount of information I’m talking about here is way beyond their capabilities.

    Would it be possible to bulk-load the “wp post table” in MySQL directly with eventual tags etc?


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