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  • Ciao guys,
    first of all, great plugin, thanks!
    Everything works for me, but the Bulk Import.
    I’m pretty sure I have configured well the Base DN (CN=Name of folder1,OU=Name of folder 2,OU=Folder3,DC=mydomain,DC=eu
    But I keep having the following outcome when I try to import a group:

    [INFO]   -------------------------------------
             2013-09-19 / 07:30:08
    [INFO]   Options for adLDAP connection:
             - base_dn: CN=XXX XX XX,OU=XXX XX,OU=XXX,DC=XXX,DC=XX
             - domain_controllers:
             - ad_username: myuser@xxx.xx
             - ad_password: **not shown**
             - ad_port: 389
             - use_tls: 1
             - network timeout: 5
    [NOTICE] adLDAP object created.
    [INFO]   Domain Controller: xxx.xx
    <strong>[ERROR]  Error retrieving group members for group "XXXX XXX XXXX".</strong>
    [INFO]   Number of users to import/update: 0 (list generated in 0 seconds)
    [INFO]   0 Users added.
    [INFO]   0 Users updated.
    [INFO]   In 0 seconds.
    [INFO]   -------------------------------------
             END OF BULK IMPORT
             2013-09-19 / 07:30:08
    Bulk Import returned no error.

    Do you have any idea?

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  • OK I managed to make it working. No OU or CN needed. Only DC, with my domain, and there you go, it works! 😉
    Thank you anyways!!

    Hi, I am trying to get this plugin to work and bulk import users.

    How did you get to the screen you post a screen shot of?

    I have configured the plugin and it works when running a test user (all fields are mapped and the user is created)

    However when I click on the URL in the bulk import it loads a new screen and is totally blank.

      I have made sure the server is correct (it imported a direct user in the test)
      The port is default
      The Base DN is set up as per yours
      The security group exists within that base DNs OU structure
      The test user I am trying to import is a member of that security group

    Im all out of ideas.

    Hey Alfrescow,

    I might be late to the party here but wanted to let you know that in order to see that log shown above this is what I had to do.

    In my wp-config.php change define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); to define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); and save.

    Then try running your bulk import and that white page will display. Once that happens go to your \wp-content\plugins\active-directory-integration\ and look for “import.log”. That file will have the above information for you with possible error.

    Hope this helps a little.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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