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  • When viewing Registered Subscribers, there are no checkboxes to select email addresses for bulk action. The bulk actions hense don’t do anything.
    This is a multisite installation. I applied your fix from another thread to get the email addresses to display properly.

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  • @zaneo

    The only bulk action applicable is ‘Delete’ anyway, I suspect the UI just needs a tidy up.

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear. The bulk activities I’m trying to use are under Bulk Management and include “Bulk Update Categories” and “Bulk Update Format”.


    So in the table there are no checkboxes on the left side of the table?

    I’ll have to check this on a multisite test install if that’s the case.

    Correct, there is no way to select subscribers for bulk actions.


    On checking the code it seems this is intentional, if you are happy editing code I can show you where edits needs made but you might want to test and make sure the changes don’t allow access to those you’d rather not make such changes.

    I can edit the code. However, the next time the plug-in is updated it will overwrite won’t it?
    Why would it be intentional that you can’t select users for the bulk functions? Why are the functions there if they don’t work?


    The code would get over written if an updated is pushed.

    Why was it done this way – I honestly can’t remember, that code was written years ago and as I don’t use Multisite myself I never really get to test those portions of the code. The Bulk drop downs are in there incorrectly for Multisite and standard WordPress installs though so it’s a bug really.

    Got it. So, do you have a code recommendation to change or would you fix it in a future release?
    I have hundreds of sites and thousands of users to update.

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    I cannot update and release code via WordPress anymore as I sold the code. I have forked the code myself and am currently updating it back porting fixes from Subscribe2 HTML which is still mine.

    It’s here:

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