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  • joelpeterson


    So we have a fairly large project going on and our post count is up to 5,000 and we have about 10 or so different status updates.

    2 weeks ago I started getting reports from some of my blog writers saying some of their posts in “Draft” had been moved to a certain status.

    My editors swear up and down they haven’t changed the status of those posts.

    Usually, at the end of the week my editor does a bulk status change and moves 700+ articles to a different status.

    It almost looks like something on the backend is moving posts to different random status.

    We had not done any recent updates and are still on 0.8.2 as .9 had broken a few things for us.

    I turned off notifications on status changes thinking if we were doing like 100 at a time in bulk perhaps that was too much for the system.

    Just curious if anyone else has ever experienced this kind of error.

    Boy I sure would like an “Undo” button for status changes as this has caused a lot of work for my editors to track things down.

    Love to troubleshoot and fix this. Any ideas?

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