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  • Plugin Author Sudar Muthu


    Sorry to hear about it.

    But this is the first time someone has complained about it.

    Can you give some more additional information so that I can debug it?

    • What version of Plugin were you using?
    • Which Bulk Delete button you pressed? There are lot of buttons in the Plugin page

    Same problem here. Glad I always backup the site first. Will try the new version.

    I just had the same problem. I searched for Bulk Delete within WordPress then downloaded and installed the plugin (I don’t have the version number now but I assume that this is the latest version).

    I choose to delete pending posts then “to be safe” I selected to Only Delete First 2 Posts…

    After a short time this plugin deleted my entire blog! Everything was gone and I was sent back to the WordPress initialization page which started to prompt me on how I want my new blog setup!

    I’ve had this blog for years and had over 160 posts and comments that had pretty good ranking with Google.

    Fortunately, my hosting service, iPowerweb, had a backup of my blog folder and I was able to recover everything.

    Based on the comments here, I believe that the developer is legit has asked for additional information to correct any bugs in the program but I can tell you that I will not be attempting to use this program again. When your software blows away my entire blog, that’s quite enough for me.

    Yes, I agree this is a “freaking scary” plugin as stated in the original post here.

    I Googled WordPress Bulk Delete and see that others have used this plugin and many have rated it 5 stars so it must work if you select the right options but if I would have seen the comments here before I used it I certainly would not want to take the chance.

    This is a DANGEROUS plugin.

    Plugin Author Sudar Muthu


    Extremely sorry to hear about that.

    I have been working on this Plugin for close to 4 years now and people have downloaded it for close to 100,000 times and this is the only thread, where people have said it is deleting all the posts.

    I have literally went through all lines of the code, to figure out if there is a bug, but I couldn’t find any.

    As I said before if someone can give me more information about the server setup and which combination of options were selected when this happened, I am more than willing to work with them and fix any issue or bug if found.

    Without this additional information, it is very difficult to figure out what went wrong.


    I’m afraid I must appologise for my previous post about Bulk Delete deleting my entire blog and about it being a dangerouis plugin.

    What I posted was completely accurate but I now have new information that leads me to believe that the problem was NOT with the Bulk Delete plugin.

    I manage 2 WordPress blogs. One about bikes and one about credit cards. My original post was about the bike blog being deleted after using the Bulk Delete plugin.

    I just now started to cleanup spam posts from the pending folder in my second blog (the credit card one) and, as I mentioned above, I did not trust the Bulk Delete plugin so I was doing this the manual WordPress way by selecting 20 entries at a time then selecting “Move to Trash” in Bulk Actions dropdown box in WordPress then clicking on “Apply”.

    This was very tedious because I had over 3,000 spam messages. So I had been patiently deleting 20 at a time until I got down to the last 120 posts.

    Then, all of a sudden, I had the same situation as before. After I clicked on Apply (with the standard WP delete) I got sent to the Word Press initialiation page. I started a new browser session, went to my credit card website, selected the link to the blog and got the initialization page again. This has been up and running for over a year now and I have not made any changes to the blog setup.

    This time I went into SQL through my control panel and checked the Word Press tables. I could see that they were still there but I still could not get to my blog – Any attempt went to the Word Press Initialization page.

    As I was looking into this. I tried one more time (maybe 10 minutes later) and to my relief my blog came up again.

    Therefore, I now believe that this problem had more to do with either Word Press, the MySQL database or something to do with my hosting service, like some kind of timing issue. I suspect maybe the database was in some busy state and could not process any requests until it completed what it needed to do (but that is pure speculation).

    I believe that the Bulk Delete plugin probably triggered this same situation but I believe that the problem is external to the plugin.

    It would be difficult to track down exactly what had happened in these situations but I wanted to post the information here in case anything like this happens to anyone else.

    Once again I apologize for my previous comments about the Bulk Delete plugin as I do not believe that it was the source of the problem.

    Plugin Author Sudar Muthu


    Extremely relived to read this and thanks for confirming that it was not my Plugin 🙂

    I suspect that your DB either slow or get’s locked up when huge number of queries are executed, because of which next time WordPress tries to retrieve posts, it shows the initialization page.

    BTW, which web host you are using? I am just curious and can probably add that to the known issues list in my Plugin homepage.

    My hosting service is iPower. I am not sure what platform I use withing this service.

    FYI: I had the same issue once again yesterday when I went to the Trash folder in my bike site and selected Empty Trash for the 2,500 spam messages that were in that folder. This time I waited an hour and it did not clear up on its own. I then called iPower support and they resolved the problem fairly quickly by replacing one of the tables (I think it was an admin table).

    This shows once again that this particular problem was not caused by your plugin and that something within the delete process within WordPress is causing this problem.

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